anele mdoda

Anele Mdoda can definitely cook.
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‘We’re in hell’: Anele on why she’s NOT celebrating Women’s Day

Is Women’s Day cause for celebration in South Africa? Many tweeps, including media personality Anele Mdoda, think not…

anele mdoda

Anele Mdoda can definitely cook.
Image via Twitter

There’s a sense of anger, sorrow, and numbness on the social media streets this Women’s Day. And it has everything to do with the increased spate of gender-based violence (GBV) attacks.

While 9 August holds a historical significance in the country, brutal and horrific crimes like the gang-rape of eight women in Krugersdorp recently go against everything the brave female leaders of 1956 marched to Union Buildings for.


In light of recent tragedies, radio and media personality Anele Mdoda revealed that she would not be celebrating Women’s Day this year.

She tweeted:

“I wonder if the eight women who were gang raped are having a happy Women’s Day? Please spare me any good wishes on this day. We as women are in hell. We are burning and men say it’s not that hot. I wonder how hot it has to get. Don’t wish me anything mna. Leave me alone”’

And many tweeps feel the same way as the 947 presenter.

@Blomie121: “How can women of South Africa be happy while men are raping and brutally killing. [Also] with the high rate of female unemployment?”

@rationalza: “The most endangered species in South Africa is not the rhino. It’s women.”

@SkyeZedA: “Happy Women’s Day in the rape capital of the world”

@Yhu_Abelungu: “The women of 1956 won their war. Today’s war is different. GBV, femicide, rape etc. Not feeling free in my own country. Not knowing whether I’ll die with my hands up and my legs open”



With Women’s Day trending on Twitter, several female empowerment non-government organisations (NGOs) urged South Africans to take a stand

Women For Change urged South Africans to black out their profile pictures on their social media accounts. The NGO tweeted:

“This Women’s Day is not about flowers, chocolate, and free vouchers – It’s about honoring all our sisters, who came before us and fought. It’s about honoring our sisters, who did not survive. 

“Please #blackout your Profile Pic and stand in solidarity with South African women”.

The Rape Crisis Centre of Cape Town tweeted: “Instead of empty gestures, provide meaningful support by donating to women-led organisations that provide direct services to rape survivors today”.

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