Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu details the abuse and hate she receives from women and girls.
Image via Instagram @zodwalibram

‘Women abuse me and say I’m ugly’: Zodwa Wabantu opens up [watch]

Reality star Zodwa Wabantu recently spoke candidly about the abuse and hate she receives from other women and girls.

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu details the abuse and hate she receives from women and girls.
Image via Instagram @zodwalibram

Socialite and businesswoman, Zodwa Wabantu recently opened up about the ‘women abuse’ she receives from other females and said girls hate her.  

The mother of one surprised her followers when she revealed that she is hurt by the way women ill-treat her.   

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Entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu who is constantly smiling with her fans and is known as the people’s person has revealed that her journey to stardom has been challenging.   

She posted a video on her Instagram account and said she is still hated by the public, especially women.  

Zodwa says she’s been judged by the public and has gone through negative remarks for her dance moves and outfits.  

She stated in a video she posted on her Instagram account that she is abused by other women who constantly make negative remarks about her looks.  


“Girls abuse me when I’m out. They tell me that I’m ugly, I shouldn’t be out, I shouldn’t be happy. I shouldn’t be in public.”   

She also added that she hardly sits in the VIP section when she is performing in clubs or hanging out because of the hate she receives.   

The reality star added that she would rather sit with everyone else in the club and mingle with her fans.  

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The socialite said ‘women abuse her’ and asked why they feel the need to abuse her.

“Why do you feel a need to abuse me? Are you Empty? Are you not happy with yourselves?”   

She says she doesn’t do anything to intimidate other women and always tries hard to fit it but has been unsuccessful.   

“I don’t do anything to intimidate you, in your presence, I make sure I make myself as if I’m nothing to fit in because I like to be Free,” she added.  

She also said she should party far away from women and said she should work and leave even though she has no issues with anyone.   

One of her fans advised her to never change for anyone as she will give them satisfaction.  

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