Wish On Florida, Tony Forbes, AKA

Wish On Florida owner Benny Maverick has clapped back at criticism of being involved in AKA and Tibz’s murder.
Images via Instagram: @wishonflorida

‘Wish On Florida’ owner claps back amid criticism: ‘We’re in ruin’

Wish On Florida co-owner Benny Maverick has clapped back at criticism he was involved in rapper AKA’s death…

Wish On Florida, Tony Forbes, AKA

Wish On Florida owner Benny Maverick has clapped back at criticism of being involved in AKA and Tibz’s murder.
Images via Instagram: @wishonflorida

Amid scrutiny from social media users – particularly from fans of slain star AKA – one of the owners of Wish On Florida has spoken out. Benny Maverick has tweeted his frustrations at being linked to the murder of the rapper, who was shot and killed on the doorstep of the Durban hotspot.

This week, Wish announced that would shut its doors on 10 April, exactly two months after AKA’s unsolved murder. And according to a statement, it’s over dwindling business since the tragedy.

AKA and friend Tebello Tibz Motsoane were killed by unknown gunmen outside the establishment on 10 February. This, after the star reportedly shared his location on his Instagram Stories.

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In a statement, the management of Wish On Florida said: “In light of the recent tragic event on our doorstep, we have experienced a severe downturn in business, which leaves the directors with no other option but to close the business permanently, as the brand equity of Wish on Florida has been deeply hindered.”

The award-winning restaurant; owned by Benny Maverick – real name Philani Boyama – and Wayne Ndlovu, invited the public to celebrate their last week of operation. To mark the occasion of their farewell, Wish on Florida would host an event called “The Last Supper.”

Following the announcement, social media users accused the owners of the restaurant of being involved in AKA’s murder.

Responding to one particularly shady tweet, Benny tweeted: “This a reality for me, my business partner, our families, and staff. Our dream was destroyed, and we’re in financial ruin.

Clapping back at wild speculation he added: “While this is a joke and conspiracy theory for you guys, it’s real life for me.”


Meanwhile, patrons of Wish On Florida have lamented the establishment for naming its farewell event “The Last Supper.” This, after rapper AKA had his last meal inside the Durban eatery moments before he was murdered outside it.

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Wish On Florida will close permanently following the death of AKA on its doorstep in February. Images via Instagram: @akaworldwide/ @wishonflorida

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But while patrons of the restaurant were sad to see it close its doors, they weren’t impressed with the choice of wording.

@anicagrange: “Last Supper? Is exactly what happened to Kiernan!”

@bontle_mokwebom: “Those words don’t sit well with me.”

@Am_Blujay: “I think labelling the 10th of April their last day ‘The Last Supper’ is very distasteful and disrespectful to the family of AKA. I don’t know why they thought it was okay.”

@RaeRae_2304: “‘The Last Supper’ is a bit cringy for me. Couldn’t they find another name for the event?”

@RabsMaphai: “So who will attend The Last Supper at the place where Kiernan had his? Odd”

@BubbleBlueBabe: “The Last Supper? 10 April? I don’t care what anyone says, but that’s very insensitive. In fact, they too should be investigated!”