will smith mike tyson

Will Smith and Mike Tyson. Images via Twitter: @happydad

Tweeps question different reactions to Will Smith & Mike Tyson’s outbursts

According to social media users, there is double standards around how people reacted to Smith’s Oscars slap and Tyson’s airplane outburst.

will smith mike tyson

Will Smith and Mike Tyson. Images via Twitter: @happydad

Many social media users have expressed concern for what appears to be double standards when it comes to two very famous Hollywood stars – Mike Tyson and Will Smith.

Both of them went viral a couple of weeks ago for having violent outbursts but they did not receive the same reaction from people across the world who criticised Smith but cheered Tyson on for “standing up for his personal space.”

Mike Tyson praised for plane attack while Will Smith crucified for slap

Will Smith is still making headlines for slapping comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars Award ceremony.

The slap came after Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head which he claims he was unaware came as a result of alopecia.

Since then, Will has been severely criticised and faces a number of repercussions as a result of his actions.

Meanwhile, only a short while after the incident, world-renowned professional boxer Mike Tyson was recorded repeatedly punching a fellow plane passenger who “provoked” him by insisting on talking to him and allegedly throwing him with a water bottle.

Reactions to the two violent outbursts were vastly different as Smith was almost instantly cancelled while Tyson was almost lauded for standing up for his right to personal space.

Netizens share their thoughts

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by social media users who have questioned the apparent double standards.

One person who is particularly unimpressed with how things appear, @arrogantnblack wrote:

“Folks who were going in real hard on Will Smith cheering for Mike Tyson. Me looking at the timeline.”

@richardmarx said:

Wait. Are the people who were vocal about how fucked up it was that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock now the same people who are praising Mike Tyson for bloodying a drunken asshole’s face?

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