Kelly Khumalo and sister Zandie reconciled on the season finale of the singer’s reality show. Images via Instagram @kellykhumaloza @zandie_khumalo_gumede.

‘Abuse and nonsense’: Kelly Khumalo’s sister has not forgiven ‘toxic’ sibling

After sharing a photo of her newborn son with Kelly Khumalo’s own children, Zandile shut down speculation that the warring sisters have reconciled.


Kelly Khumalo and sister Zandie reconciled on the season finale of the singer’s reality show. Images via Instagram @kellykhumaloza @zandie_khumalo_gumede.

Singer Kelly Khumalo’s musician sister musician Zandile Khumalo-Gumede took to Instagram in a lengthy post on 21 October explaining that she has a relationship with the singer’s children — but the strained relationship between the two siblings remains unchanged. 


On 17 October, Zandile Khumalo-Gumede posted a photo of her son, Zenala, with her sister, Kelly Khumalo’s two children Christian and Thingo. Zandile welcomed her first child with businessman husband Hloni “Mhlo” Gumede on 21 September.

This led to her followers thinking that the sisters have made amends. 

Zandile however shared a personal statement on Instagram, explaining that the situation between her and her sister remains the same.

She has made it clear that she does not hold the issues she has with her sister against her niece or nephew. Zandile explains Christian and Thingo have been an active part of her pregnancy and were excited to meet her son.

“On Sunday the 17th of September, I posted pics of my son Zenala with his cousins, my nephew and niece Christian and Thingo. This was a very special moment for me, especially because not only are they like my own kids, but both of them have been part of my pregnancy from when I was three months pregnant,” she wrote on Instagram.

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She went on to say that the brother and sister would call her every week when she was pregnant.

“They would call every week and literally force me to put a phone in my tummy so they could speak to their cousin. When he was born they couldn’t wait to meet him and hold him so when that moment happened and I saw the look on their faces it was just magical for me,” she continued. 

The musician explained that both Christian and Thingo do not have contact with their father’s side of the family.

The Life with Kelly Khumalo star had Christian with hip-hop artist and television host Jub Jub. In an episode of her reality show, she said Jub Jub made no efforts to build a relationship with Christian. The Empini hitmaker had Thingo with footballer Senzo Meyiwa who was shot dead at her home in 2014.

“As an adult and a parent, I made a decision that my nephew and niece would never be affected by what’s going on between me and their mother — at least not from my side. The two of them are very young and are both in no contact with both their father’s side,” she added. 

She went on to say that the relationship between her and Kelly remains the same.

“I’m not going to deny them access to me or their cousin as well. That would be utterly cruel of me. I would like however to categorically state that the situation between me and their mother remains the same and my feelings remain the same,” she added.

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Zandile “divorced” Kelly after the singer made claims about her husband and a money scandal. She claimed that Kelly is toxic and added that she has endured so much “abuse and nonsense” from her.

“The first and the last time I went to jail was because of her. The first time I was questioned by police and even put through a lie detector test. It was because of her…the first time I saw drugs with my own eyes was because of her. I have endured so much abuse and nonsense from her, but I kept quiet because that is the type of person I am,” wrote Zandile on social media at the time.