Zodwa Wabantu Instagram Age

Zodwa Wabantu has slammed women who judge her. Image via Gallo Images

‘Why do you abuse me?’: Zodwa slams women who call her ugly [watch]

‘Are you not happy with yourselves?’: Zodwa Wabantu has slammed the women who look down on her for her lifestyle choices.

Zodwa Wabantu Instagram Age

Zodwa Wabantu has slammed women who judge her. Image via Gallo Images

Zodwa Wabantu always seems to have thick skin when it comes to what people have to say about her especially on social media. Over the years she has been shamed for many of her life choices and often dragged by locals who make their views on her clear.

Now she has finally spoken out against the women she says enjoy dragging her down for her looks and lifestyle choices.

Zodwa claps back at her haters

South Africa’s exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu has never shied away from living her life the way she chooses. When she’s not dating men half her age, she is wearing clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Just recently she became a hot topic as South Africans discussed the fact that she was allowing random men at parties to touch her private areas. On a separate occasion, she expressed how she wished she could give everyone a piece of her body.

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Now she has taken to social media to call people out who judge her for these decisions. In a heartbreaking Instagram post, the dancer asks women who break her down whether they are happy with themselves.

“To girls ???? Women????????‍???? Why do you feel a need to abuse me? Are you empty? Are you not happy with yourselves? I don’t do anything to intimidate you, in your presence I make sure I make myself as nothing????????to fit in cause I like to be free.

“The question is now, I should party far away from you? I should work & leave? Ngingabi umuntu Wabantu?”

Some supportive words

The post got the attention of her fans who quickly jumped to her defense. Many of them told her to pay no mind to what the haters have to say:

gudspirit said:

“Never CHANGE who you are for anyone….you will give them satisfaction & Bring yourself to their level which you don’t belong there…#spirit????????????”

moloi_82 said:

“Everyone is bitter now lately ppl are not happy with themselves hence they hurt every 1 around them but thina we appreciate u.”

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