Will Smith

Will Smith’s new face has baffled tweeps. Image via Twitter: @jaidaehall

‘What has he done to his face?’ Will Smith’s new face shocks fans [photos]

‘WTF has happened to Will Smith’s face,’ a fan commented after he showed up on a BBC show looking younger than ever.

Will Smith

Will Smith’s new face has baffled tweeps. Image via Twitter: @jaidaehall

Will Smith has been going through a lot lately. Over the last few months, his troubled marriage has gripped headlines as his wife Jada continued to share private details. Now many are wondering what’s going on after he appeared on a UK show looking younger than ever.

Will Smith appears ‘unrecognisable’ on BBC show

Many people have commented that Will Smith has been looking extra tired and defeated as of late. A lot of this was blamed on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith who continues to reveal flaws in their marriage.

It seems all the talk has gone to his head after he showed up on BBC’s The One Show looking younger than ever. Will who is 53 years old, had little to no wrinkles and even appeared to have darkened his hair and beard.

Youthful: Will showed off his smooth features and overall youthful look on the program
Will Smith is looking younger than ever. Image via BBC

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The I Am Robot star was promoting his new film, King Richard, which is based on the life of Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus Williams,Daily Mail reports.

Fans are baffled

After his appearance on the show, many people were left wondering out loud what he had done to his face. Many people remarked that Will looked the same way he did on the first episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Some even questioned whether or not he got some work done.

@Laughing_Murphy asked:

“Did they just SWAP OUT WILL SMITH with a poor BODY-DOUBLE??? Who is this guy”

@AloneNottLonely said:

“Okay, I know I shouldn’t judge, I’m just saying… WTF has happened to will smiths face?! Seriously?”

@trustfvndbby said:

“wtf happened to will smith’s face. he did NOT look like that before.”

@deedubuya wrote:

“Did will smith have work done on his face?? Them cheekbones have been lookin kinda tight lately.”

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