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‘We Zulu men flirt’: Polygamist confronts Jub Jub on Uyajola 9/9 [watch]

Jub Jub brings the heat to every episode of ‘Uyajola 9/9.’ In an upcoming episode, he faces off a man who says it’s in his Zulu nature to flirt.


Image via Instagram: officialjubjub

South African reality TV show presenter Jub Jub left his viewers wanting more after sharing a snippet of an upcoming episode of Mzansi’s favourite infidelity busting show, Uyajola 9/9. In this spicy episode, the presenter comes face-to-face with a cheating partner who claims that’s it’s in his Zulu nature to have more than one woman in his life.

A suspicious girlfriend takes drastic measures

Relationships are extremely complex and often bring a lot of heartbreak and tears. One South African woman can attest to this after making the brave decision to confront her relationship issues on TV. The young mother contacted TV’s Jub Jub to face her cheating “baby daddy” and the results were interesting – to say the least.

In this episode which is set to air on Sunday 5 September, the woman in question tells Jub Jub:

“I called Uyajola 9/9 because I have a problem with my baby daddy.”

As he does, Jub Jub took the lady to find her man who was caught in action withdrawing money from an ATM with his other woman’s arms wrapped around him, much to the disappointment of his baby momma who quickly runs to attack the unsuspecting ​”side chick.”

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Jub Jub vs a polygamist

After the two women are torn apart by the ever-present security team, Jub then has a talk with the man who explains that he is a Zulu man and taking multiple wives and flirting with other women is the norm for Zulu men.

“Brother let me explain to you. We are Zulu Men. We flirt with women and we also take more than one wife.” He said to the host.

Jub Jub also goes on to question whether the side chick knew that the man was already in a relationship and she angrily replies that she didn’t.

The fans react eagerly

Of course, Jub Jub’s many fans and followers loved the bit of drama and expressed how much they could not wait for Uyajola 9/9 to air. Here are some of their comments:

gugulethu_precious_lusenga said:

“It’s this guy’s audacity for me????????????????????”

ndivho__m said:

“Jub never disappoints????????????????????”

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