Katie Price

Katie Price claims she was raped during a 2018 hijacking in South Africa.
Image via Channel 4

UK model Katie Price ‘raped’ at gunpoint during 2018 SA attack

‘Something from a horror film’: British glamour model Katie Price claims she was raped when her family was hijacked during a 2018 trip to SA.

Katie Price

Katie Price claims she was raped during a 2018 hijacking in South Africa.
Image via Channel 4

Troubled media personality Katie Price has made a disturbing claim that she was raped in South Africa during a 2018 trip to the country.

At the time, the glamour model — previously known as Jordan — was filming her ITV reality TV show My Crazy Life.

Katie — who was accompanied by two of her five children — made the admission in her documentary, titled Trauma and Me, which will be released on Channel 4 on Thursday 8 September.


In 2018, Katie Price and her children Junior and Princess (then aged 12, and 10 respectively), as well as their film crew, were en route to Swaziland to attend a children’s programme as part of her ITV reality TV show

Travelling in a mini-bus at night, the convoy stopped on the side of the N17 road near Ermelo, Mpumalanga, as one of her kids needed to use the toilet.

The family was ambushed by a group of men who demanded money and their possessions. According to MailOnline, the attackers made off with laptops, iPads, passports, cash, and jewellery. The hijacking suspects were never caught.

In footage from My Crazy Life aired a year later, Katie Price recounted what happened. In 2020, Katie revisited the ordeal on the TV show SAS: Celebrity Who Dares Win, at the time claiming that she was “groped” by one of the men.

The mom of five said: “We should never have been allowed to make that journey without security.

“It was like something from a horror film. This big man in an Adidas hoody was shouting in my face, swearing, and demanding I give him everything. And he was touching me down below.

“I grabbed a pillow and launched myself in front of the kids, trying to protect them; waiting for a bullet to hit me. I thought I was going to die. Police said it was a miracle they didn’t kill us”.


Three years after the traumatic incident and a stint in rehab for PTSD, Katie Price claims she was, in fact, raped.

She said in a teaser of Trauma And Me: “The experience when I was filming with ITV in South Africa, we had no security. If we had security they would have been able to deal with the six guys that jumped us, held me at gunpoint, and raped me”.

She added to MailOnline of the aftermath: “‘I hit severe depression a couple of years ago, depression on top of PTSD, I was suicidal. I tried to kill myself. 

She added: “I knocked myself out and had black eyes, I had bruises around my neck. I woke up, I didn’t want to be here”.


In the years that followed the attack and rape, Katie Price suffered a series of personal setbacks.

They included:

  • Two stints in rehab for PTSD and substance abuse
  • Drink driving and a serious car crash that landed her a 16-week suspended jail sentence and a two-year driving ban
  • Losing custody of four of her five children
  • Suffering from depression, a mental breakdown, and suicide attempts
  • High-profile break-ups and spats with her exes

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