Zahara. Image via Twitter @ZaharaSA

Tweeps allege Zahara was singing under the influence of alcohol [watch]

A video of Zahara looking under the weather while performing on stage has tweeps convinced that she may be drinking again.


Zahara. Image via Twitter @ZaharaSA

Afropop musician, Zahara is suspected by social media users of having drinking problems again.  

This is after a video of the musician performing on stage and looking drunk emerged on Twitter yesterday (5 December).   

Tweeps are worried about the musician as she can barely sing, appears sloppy, and disorientated in the video.  


The award-winning singer recently swore on Podcast and Chill with MacG that she doesn’t have any drinking problems and told fans to focus on the music and not her personal life.  

A 2019 News 24 article revealS that the musician spent a bleak Christmas in hospital for a month with liver disease, due to her heavy drinking.  

The singer’s late sister, Nomonde, told the publication at the time that she was diagnosed with liver failure and was warned by doctors to stop drinking if she doesn’t want to die soon.  

Her family prayed for her while she was lying on the hospital bed and feared that she would lose hope.  

“December was a tough month for us, but the doctors guaranteed that, if she stopped drinking, her liver might recover.”

“We all had to come back to Joburg to give Zahara emotional and physical support.”   

“We are making sure that there is always someone around her to monitor her so that she doesn’t start drinking again” .  

The singer told Somizi Mhlongo on Mzansi Magic’s canned cooking show, Dinner at Somizi’s that the problem wasn’t the drinking, but what was making her drink in 2020.  

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She stated that she feared that she won’t get airplay on the radio, appear on TV or get any gigs anymore.  

“But I thought it’s not even about that, it’s about the greater picture which is to inspire and give hope …”  

She told Mhlongo that her problem was not with alcohol but was instead with the pressure that came with her fame.  

“I had to deal with what led me to drink because the problem was not the alcohol. The problem was what led me to drink.”  

She also assured her fans that she was now a changed person and not a prisoner to alcohol or the industry.