Trevor Noah: rags to riches

Trevor Noah: You laugh, he earns – South Africa’s very own rags to riches story. Photo: Twitter @trevornoah

Trevor Noah: South Africa’s very own rags to riches story

South African born TV host, actor and comedian, Trevor Noah, went from obscurity to being one of the most successful comedians in the world.

Trevor Noah: rags to riches

Trevor Noah: You laugh, he earns – South Africa’s very own rags to riches story. Photo: Twitter @trevornoah

Trevor Noah is unquestionably one of the funniest individuals on the planet and one of the most well-known and accomplished
South Africans.

The comedian, who is at the pinnacle of his profession, has amassed a fortune from his lucrative career as a comedian, host, and author.

Noah was born on February 20, 1984, to a black Xhosa mother and a white Swiss-German father in Soweto, South Africa. The
country’s apartheid system, which formally supported racial discrimination and segregation, made the couple’s union unlawful.

Noah’s mother repeatedly spent brief spells in jail, despite his parents’ best efforts to keep their connection private.

Some of Noah’s early experiences, including the extreme poverty his family experienced, would be the focus of his humorous work, which frequently examined the racial dynamics of his home nation.

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Noah’s Career

After making an appearance in a soap opera in his late teens, Noah began honing his comedic skills in his 20s after being dared to perform on stage by friends.

Noah developed his talent and technique to the point where he is now one of the top stand-up comedians in his nation. Noah’s peers said that the young artist, who can imitate accents with ease and speak multiple languages effectively, had high aspirations for his profession.

Trevor Noah appeared in South Africa as part of the 2010 comedy film, The Blacks Only Comedy Show, Vodacom Campus Comedy Tour, Heavyweight Comedy Jam, Jozi Comedy Festival, and Cape Town International Comedy Festival.

He moved to the United States in 2011, and in 2012 he made history by becoming the first South African comedian to appear on The Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Trevor Noah’s life was formally documented in You Laugh But It’s True in 2012, and he served as the roastmaster for South African Afrikaans artist Steve Hofmeyr on Comedy Central.

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The Daily Show

Trevor Noah started contributing regularly to The Daily Show in 2014 Comedy Central announced in March of the following year that Trevor Noah would take over hosting The Daily Show from Jon Stewart beginning on September 28, 2015.

Comedy Central renewed Noah’s agreement to anchor The Daily Show in 2017 for an additional five years, ending in 2022. According to reports, Trevor Noah earned a huge income of $16 million per season, which boosted his net worth.

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