Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah was questioned over his rumoured girlfriend Minka Kelly in a 60 Minute interview.
Image via CBS/Instagram @trevornoah

‘Great boyfriend’: Trevor Noah giggles over love life claims [watch]

Trevor Noah was put on the spot about his girlfriend and questioned on whether he wants to become a father in an interview with 60 Minutes.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah was questioned over his rumoured girlfriend Minka Kelly in a 60 Minute interview.
Image via CBS/Instagram @trevornoah

Nothing was off-limits for Trevor Noah in his latest interview on 60 Minutes – except for news of his girlfriend…

The South African comedian was a guest on the CBS show on Sunday 19 June and was interviewed by Lesley Stahl.

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Whilst Trevor Noah discussed a series of serious topics, the mere mention of his love life elicited a giggle from the Soweto-born star. When asked if he has a girlfriend, he smiled coyly and said: “Maybe”, before bursting out into laughter.

“You’re 37. You’re right there. That’s the clock. It’s ticking. You don’t feel it?” Lesly commented on the unmarried star.

Questioned if he desired to have children, Trevor Noah responded: “No, I don’t”. He added: “Sometimes I will meet kids who make me go, ‘I want a kid’. And then sometimes I’ll meet children where I go, ‘I hope that my sperm doesn’t do anything because this person is a terror’.”

Trevor Noah was then quizzed over his love life in front of his two South African friends David Kibuuka and Ryan Harduth.

“It’s a trick. You don’t have to answer that question”, Trevor Noah tells the pair. However, David – who also works on The Daily Show alongside Trevor – added that the star was a “great boyfriend”.

Trevor Noah has been linked to US actress Minka Kelly on and off since September 2020. In December the couple visited South Africa and spent time with his group of friends, which include Anele Mdoda and Sizwe Dhlomo.

Last month, reports emerged that Trevor Noah and Mink had parted ways for good.


Elsewhere in the interview, Trevor Noah spoke of his childhood during apartheid South Africa and the struggles of being mixed-raced.

He also touched on living in poverty – but being completely unaware of it.

He said: “Being poor in a group or in a community that is poor is not as bad as being poor when you know what you’re missing out on. So when I grew up, we played with bricks as cars. And you’d smash them into each other. And it was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played.

“The same thing with eating mopane worms. What I didn’t like was when we couldn’t eat anything else and my mom said, ‘We’re gonna have to eat these mopane worms for longer because we don’t have money to buy chicken’.”

Trevor Noah also touched on his mental health battles and how is careful to avoid triggers.

He added: “But, like, so for myself, it means that if I’m not careful in how I sleep, how I eat, how I manage my routine I can become overwhelmed. And it can just feel like the whole world is just too heavy to bear”.