Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah has dated a bevy of beauties in recent years, now including singer Dua Lipa.
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A thing for pretty brunettes? A look back at Trevor Noah’s exes

Including Dua Lipa, Trevor Noah has great taste when it comes to the women in his life. Take a look back at the comedian’s dating history.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah has dated a bevy of beauties in recent years, now including singer Dua Lipa.
Image via Flickr

Trevor Noah may have had a tough time with the ladies growing up, but as an adult, he is winning! This after he was recently romantically linked to his latest lady love; singer Dua Lipa.

And it appears, the South African comedian has a thing for pretty, petite brunettes.

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Minka Kelly: 2020 -2022

Whilst Trevor Noah has always stayed mum on news surrounding his private life, he did go Instagram official with his last girlfriend Minka Kelly earlier this year, well kind of…

In January, the US actress posted a picture with her comedian bae on her Instagram account.

In the pic, Minka and Trevor are joined by his group of Sa friends, which include Sizwe Dhlomo, Anele Mdoda, Khaya Dlanga, and others. She captioned the pic: “Take a trip to South Africa. Find friends like these. Have the holiday of a lifetime. Thank you, Mzansi”.

Minka and Trevor Noah spent Christmas 2021 in SA, having plenty of fun drinking, dancing, fine dining and lounging on a yacht.

But whilst Trev’s pals gave Minka the seal of approval, the couple formally split in May this year.

Jordyn Taylor: 2015 –2018

Soon after his official move to the US, Trevor Noah began dating singer Jordyn Taylor.

The loved-up couple walked the red carpet together at the 2018 MTV Movie Awards, where he won the award for Best Host.

But Trevor and Jordyn broke up later that year in a low-key split. A few months later, Jordyn confirmed the news in an Instagram post.

She wrote: “Of course I love him. How could you not love him?”

Sharing her best advice on how to get over a breakup, the singer added:  “Surround yourself with good people and take care of your body. Know that there was nothing you could have done differently. You are perfect as you are and you will find someone who will mirror that sentiment”.

Dina Gabriel: 2014 -2015

Just before leaving for the US in 2015, Trevor Noah called it quits with his South African girlfriend Danie Gabriel. At the time, he had just been announced as the new host of The Daily Show.

The musician and physiotherapist was a supportive partner and often travelled with Trevor for his comedy shows and gigs around the country

And whilst Trev didn’t end up being happily-ever-after, Dani announced her engagement to her photographer boyfriend Mike last month.