Trevor Noah omicron

Trevor Noah says African countries deserve an apology. Image via Twitter @trevornoah

Trevor Noah demands apology after SA ‘wrongfully’ blamed for Omicron

‘We’ll take our apology in free plane tickets & hotel stays,’ wrote Trevor Noah after news that Omicron was apparently already in Europe before its SA detection.

Trevor Noah omicron

Trevor Noah says African countries deserve an apology. Image via Twitter @trevornoah

Trevor Noah seems to be back and badder than ever on social after taking what appeared to be a bit of a break. The US-based South African-born comedian also seems to be appreciating his roots more. Especially after he ignored riots that wreaked havoc in the country earlier this year.

In a rather funny but nevertheless serious tweet, Noah demanded South Africans get an apology after they have been basically blamed for Omicron – the latest COVID-19 variant.

‘Free plane tickets and apologies’: Trevor Noah thinks SA deserves an apology

Trevor Noah has left many of his fans laughing and nodding in agreement after saying that South Africans deserve an apology.

This comes shortly after South Africa and other African countries were placed under a travel ban because of the Omicron COVID variant that was believed to have originated in Botswana.

Noah reacted angrily to the news of the travel ban, calling it absolute bullsh*t.

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“Omicron has already been done in over a dozen countries around the world. We don’t know where it started. We don’t know how long it’s been around. It’s everywhere — from Hong Kong, to Israel, to Spain

“So why aren’t you banning travel from all of those countries too? Huh? Only the African countries? I still don’t get the logic. You think omicron is going to get to Europe and then just decide to stay there?”.

Since then, CBS News announced that the variant was found in Europe before South African scientists detected it.

Now Trevor has come out to ask for an apology, free plane tickets, and accommodation.

“We’ll take our apology in free plane tickets and hotel stays please!”

The fans agree

Many people agree that Africans deserve an apology. A lot of them laughed heartily at Trevor taking the opportunity to make demands on behalf of the African continent.

@Samirah02 said:

“I still don’t know when Africa will boldly stand on her 2 feet. These guys hid omicron from the rest of the world and they were busted by South Africa and as a consequence, SA is being punished for uncovering their plans and we’re a scapegoat. Really sad.”

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