T-Pain Usher

Photo: Screenshot from video.

WATCH: T-Pain blames depression on Usher telling him he ‘F**ked up music’

An emotional T-Pain said something Usher allegedly told him on a flight to the 2013 BET Awards kicked off a four-year period of depression.

T-Pain Usher

Photo: Screenshot from video.

T-Pain has blamed a few unkind words from Usher for kicking off a four-year period of depression in his life. The pair of hitmakers were allegedly on a flight to the 2013 BET Awards when Usher summoned the Buy U A Drank singer to give him a piece of his mind about the use of Autotune.


T-Pain revealed what was allegedly said on that plane in 2013 on an episode of Neflix’s docuseries This Is Pop, which uncovers the “real stories” behind some of the most influential pop songs of recent times.

The video, which appears to be an outtake from the show, was shared to social media and subsequently went viral, with scores of people weighing in on the story T-Pain shares.

“I heard a story about you and Usher on an airplane,” said a voice off-screen and T-Pain sighs heavily and it looks as if his eyes well with tears, just at the mention of the painful memory.

T-Pain explains that he, Usher and others were in first class on a flight on the way to the 2013 BET Awards. He said he went to sleep and was awaken by a flight attendant who informed him that Usher would like to speak to him at the back.

T-Pain said he went to see Usher and they exchanged pleasantries and small talk before Usher said, “Man, you kind of f**ked up music.”

T-Pain was taken aback, understandably, saying that he was expecting Usher to say something else, as he seemed very concerned.

“I didn’t understand,” said T-Pain. “Usher was my friend. He was like ‘you really f**ked up music for real singers’.”

T-Pain said he was unable to listen and self-doubt started to creep in immediately after Usher said what he did. “Is he right,” the singer thought to himself.

“That is the very moment – and I don’t even think I realised this for a very long time – that’s the very moment that started a four year depression period,” said T-Pain.

Social media users were quick to point out that while T-Pain may have popularised the use of Autotune within a certain period of music – the use of the voice altering technology was used by artists before his time.

 As for the “real singers” remark, there  is plenty of evidence to suggest that T-Pain is perfectly competent without Autotune: