Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy an her wife welcomed their baby girl Kali Langa on Friday 20 May. Image via Instagram @toyadelazy

‘I will protect you’: Toya Delazy explains history behind baby girl’s name

Toya Delazy and her wife Ally have named their baby girl Kali Langa and the beautiful name has several meanings behind it.

Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy an her wife welcomed their baby girl Kali Langa on Friday 20 May. Image via Instagram @toyadelazy

South African-born singer-songwriter Toya Delazy and her wife Allison “Ally” Chaig welcomed their baby girl on Friday 20 May sharing that both mom and baby were doing well after the delivery. Almost a week later, Delazy shared the first picture of baby Kali Langa and explained the meaning and history behind her powerful name. 

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Toya Delazy announced she was expecting a baby with Ally Chaig on 22 February and shared Ally’s pregnancy journey often with her followers. 

Taking to Instagram on Monday 30 May, Delazy got candid with her thousands of followers about the day their baby girl was born. 

“Bags were packed, Uber at the door. After all your mommy’s squats, raspberry leaf teas, meditation and belly rubs, you were finally ready to meet us and see the world on 20 May 2022, in London E1, where our UK adventure started for your mum and [me], seven years ago.”


The Pump It On hitmaker explained that Kali Langa’s baby name means “Strength” in Swahili and “Sunshine” in Zulu. “Just like the ray of sun that pierced through the clouds at 17:15,” added Delazy. 

“You also carry the powerful name of a Hindu goddess, representing time, the force of nature and divine feminine. You are also born on the day your great grandfather King Dinizulu ka Cetswayo was officially recognised as King of the Zulu’s by the British government.”

“Baby, you already carry so much history, but hold it with pride for it’s your birthright.” You’re so beautiful, I will love you forever, I will protect you with all my strength and I will be your guide whenever you need me.”


The 32-year-old muso and her wife officially tied the knot on 25 October at St George’s Town Hall in London. 

The couple celebrated their 10th anniversary on 8 October 2021. 


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