Maps Maponyane was just robbed. Image via Twitter: @mapsmaponyane

Toothbrush thief: Maps Maponyane becomes a victim of a VERY petty theft

Maps Maponyane headed online to share how he was sadly robbed at the airport and one of the items that was taken is his toothbrush!


Maps Maponyane was just robbed. Image via Twitter: @mapsmaponyane

Unfortunately, here in South Africa, no one is safe from crime, not even the rich and famous. Local media personality Maps Maponyane can definitely attest to this and recently found himself being the target of a petty crime. In a short Twitter post, Maps shared how he was robbed of a few items at O.R Tambo airport in Johannesburg.

Thief steals Maps Moponyane’s valuables and leaves him toothbrushless!

Maps Maponyane just returned to South Africa from Dubai and unfortunately, his arrival kicked off on a bad note. The presenter headed to Twitter to share how someone at the airport decided to ransack his luggage.

In his post, he explains that the thief got away with quite a few of his items but the strangest of all was his toothbrush!

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“My luggage bag got broken into at OR Tambo. What they stole: A pair of shoes, a t-shirt, a bucket hat, and a toothbrush – yes, a toothbrush,” tweeted Maps. He also went n to joke about how the person may have needed those items for a night out:

“My theory is that mans had a date or something and needed all these things to complete his fit and be fresh for it,” he wrote.

While he did have a good laugh about it, he was quite annoyed at the state that the criminal had left the rest of his stuff in because he is what he refers to as “pedantic.”

Tweeps soon shared similar stories of their own

@GailAllan15 said:

“Christ that would make me see a deeper red as well. The last time they stole shoes and perfume from my case, nothing was messed up, the lock wasn’t broken. I had no idea until I got home and started unpacking. And I specifically remember packing them. Vanished without a trace.”

@MmagoThando said:

“That airline was the worst with thieving.”

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