Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni revealed that he spent the last 10 days in hospital.
Image via Twitter @tito_mboweni

‘Toughen up’: No sympathy for Tito Mboweni after hospitalisation

‘Welcome to the real world, uncle Tito Mboweni’: Tweeps have lashed out at Tito Mboweni after he revealed his lonely life post-cabinet.

Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni revealed that he spent the last 10 days in hospital.
Image via Twitter @tito_mboweni

If you’re wondering why Tito Mboweni has not posted any pics of his culinary concoctions on Twitter, it’s because the popular personality has been ill of late.

The former minister of finance revealed that he had been discharged from hospital following a lengthy stay. But sadly, many of his followers had little to no sympathy for him…


Taking to Twitter, Tito Mboweni shared a health update with his 1,3 million followers.

In a tweet posted last Friday, Tito revealed that he had been hospitalised in the Sandton Mediclinic for the last 10 days due to an undisclosed condition.

But it was more than just his health that Tito Mboweni was feeling down over.

The former Reserve Bank governor bemoaned his lonely existence in a tweet, posting: “I cut a miserable figure, walking out of the hospital ward, carrying my few belongings with me. Struggling to walk to my car, with no good Samaritans around, I thought to myself: a few months ago, security would have been all over, carrying my bags, driving me home. Now on your own mate!”.

It’s not the first time Tito Mboweni has made mention of his life post-cabinet. He tweeted last month: “I recall when I went to the IMF/World Bank meetings after my term as Governor of the South African Reserve Bank. No VIP car to pick me up. Had to be in a long line, shouted at! Get a taxi outside! It felt really bad”

He added: “When your official tern is over,  nobody cares about you! They won’t even allow you into the domestic diplomatic lounge!! You are dust and dusted!”

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But whilst Tito Mboweni’s tweets struck a chord with a number of fans, others begged to differ. Some even told Tito to “toughen up”.

@Cecilia_Mthwane: “Try walking out of a public hospital after a c-section to the taxi rank. Oh, also holding a newborn baby and your belongings. This is a life of an ordinary South African”.

@iamkoshiek: “Inept leadership, failed economic policies & mass unemployment means most of the country cut miserable, lonely figures every single day. Toughen up chief”

@mutavhachindi: “Welcome to the real world uncle Tito”

@MzamoSibisi: “At least you walking out of a private hospital and you’ll be driving home in a Porsche Tito Mboweni. Our people take taxis and late trains”

@Gushaz28: “Rich people’s struggles are actually a poor man’s  luxury”

@Mantshinga: “You know you can hire your own private security, driver, or assistant, right? What’s the self-pity about?”