Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni decided to make nutrition the top priority in his latest meal. Image via Twitter/ @tito_mboweni/ Instagram @titomboweni_

Tweeps react: Tito Mboweni cooks mopani worms on new years [photos]

Tito Mboweni showed off his traditional cuisine on Twitter. He cooked mopani worms and said they were great and absolutely nutritious.

Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni decided to make nutrition the top priority in his latest meal. Image via Twitter/ @tito_mboweni/ Instagram @titomboweni_

Tito Mboweni shared his latest dishes on 31 December. This time the former minister of finance prepared himself mopani worms with a side of pap. The proud cook shared pictures of his masterpiece on Twitter and had tweeps reactions divided in the comment section.


The South African politician from Tzaneen is no stranger in the kitchen. He has been enticing his followers with his interesting recipes for quite some time on his social media. While some people encourage him to continue cooking, others just don’t understand why the former finance minister keeps posting such content online.

As one of his last meals of the year 2022, Mboweni prepared himself a plate of mopani worms served with a dish of pap.

According to TFPD, Mopani worms are brightly coloured caterpillars with little spikes on them. They feed off mopani tree leaves, hence the English name (Mopani worms). They have been a great source of nutrition for many generations around Limpopo, Zimbabwe and other surrounding countries.

The dish could be delicious to eat when prepared correctly.

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In sharing the finished product of his cooked mopani worms and pap, Mboweni captioned,

“Protein concentrate. Great stuff!!”

Many of Mboweni’s Twitter followers were impressed to see that the Minister was promoting one of Mzansi’s cultural cuisines. Other online users were taken aback by how cold the pap looked in the pictured that he shared, and also shocked at the excessive amount of garlic cloves Mboweni used to prepare the dish.

Tito Mboweni
The former minister of finance’s shared his latest recipes on his social media. Image via Twitter @tito_mboweni/ Instagram @titombowni_



“I’ve never tried them, but I stay in Limpopo.”


“My word! Is that gallic?”


“I don’t it Matomana but, here I must give it to you, you cooked them very well dzedzi!!”


“Once you start talking about protein carbs whatever it means it not that good to eat for the fun of it…”

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