Somizi can cook too! Image via Facebook: Somizi

Tinned fish and eggs: Watch out Tito, Somizi’s coming for your fave meal!

Ex-minister Tito Mboweni’s favourite pilchard dish has been stolen by Somizi who had a hankering for it at 2 am the other day.


Somizi can cook too! Image via Facebook: Somizi

Somizi Mhlongo is definitely a vibe and if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s entertaining his millions of fans with his bubbly personality. He recently had his Instagram both giggling and hungry after taking to the app to share what he craves at two in the morning – scrambled eggs and curries tinned fish on toast.

According to the media personality, who can afford to eat anything he pleases, he had just come from a long day of work when he decided to cook himself one of his favourite meals.

Somizi cooks himself a nice tinned fish and egg meal

If there’s one thing about Somizi, it’s that he is overly over-the-top. The star’s bubbly personality and extravagant style have gained him millions of fans and supporters.

One thing it appears he doesn’t have an extravagant taste for is food – apparently.

Earlier this week, the Idols SA judge shared a short video of himself preparing himself a humble tin fish and scramble egg meal – at two in the morning no less.

In the clip, he explains that he just arrived home from work and was having one hell of a hankering for the simple dish.

His fans love the down to earth ways

While many people wondered why he would decide to cook at that time of the morning. Others however couldn’t help but drool over the meal.

Here are some of their comments:

pearl_nollz_binza said:

“Me and my baby in my belly just woke up for some fruits, now you are making us crave those eggs Som Som LMAO.”

answer_r27 said:

“Yaz the way I’m still up and eating cottage cheese, with the fridge open as the light in the room is dark.”

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