Thuso Mbedu

Thuso Mbedu. Image via Twitter @ICEKREAM_MAG

Thuso slams man who tells her to ‘reduce’ her American accent

Actress Thuso Mbedu just told a South African Tweep to mind his own business after he asked her to tone down her American accent.

Thuso Mbedu

Thuso Mbedu. Image via Twitter @ICEKREAM_MAG

South African actress Thuso Mbedu is making a big name for herself in America and has received overwhelming support from her local supporters who love how high she is flying the country’s flag. The actress stars in the newly released US blockbuster The Woman King which has been making all sorts of box office waves and has shot her into the spotlight. In light of her current fame, one South African Twitter user took it upon himself to remind the star to tone down her American accent.

This did not sit well with Thuso who quickly told the man where to get off.

Thuso Mbedu slams Tweep who tells her to ‘reduce’ American accent

South African-born US-based actress Thuso Mbedu always makes a point of interacting with her South African fans.

The 26-year-old often speaks about South Africa and even uses vernac in some of her tweets.

This is seemingly not enough for one Twitter user who decided to ask the young actress to tone down her American accent.

“I was watching your interview. Don’t lose the South African accent,” the user said.

After spotting the tweet, Thuso wasted no time hitting the man with a clapback basically asking him to mind his own business.

“Don’t talk about things you know nothing about,” she said clearly annoyed by the man’s opinion on her accent.

Mzansi weighs in

A few people who spotted the interaction quickly decided to share their thoughts:

@tidnic commented:

“You want unnecessary attention. Stop it; you are too old for this. Thuso is doing well don’t drag her down to your level, and beat her with experience…”

Another person defended the man by saying that it was simply a suggestion on his behalf.

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