Duchess Meghan Markle will relauch blog

Duchess Meghan Markle will be relaunching her blog. Image via Twitter @nyakior

The Sussexes: Meghan will relaunch blog

The exiled royal, Duchess Meghan will relaunch her lifestyle blog this month.

Duchess Meghan Markle will relauch blog

Duchess Meghan Markle will be relaunching her blog. Image via Twitter @nyakior

The Tig blog that will be relaunched which centered around a range of lifestyle topics from food, travel, relationships, interior design, hospitality amongst other topics.

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The Duchess of Sussex according to The New York Post stated to friends that the blog was a ‘ labour of love’ to her and was not just a pet project. The publication also stated official documents were arranged with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the recreation of the blog and its contents.

What is ‘The Tig’ that will be relaunched?

The blog was named ‘The Tig’. The name apparently comes from Meghan’s favourite wine. The concept of the blog came from Meghan’s love of travel, which was inspired by her mother’s job as a travel agent. This then fueled Meghan to create the blog where she went on to inspire the large following that she received from the blog.

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Meghan is set to have shut down the blog after being engaged to Prince Harry. Image: AFP/ Michael M. Santiago.

Why the Duchess shut down the blog?

The reasons that the Duchess shut down the blog have not been officially confirmed but it was shut down in 2017 , a year before her marriage to Prince Harry. There has been wide speculation that it was Buckingham Palace officials that forced her to shut it down. The duchess did however leave a sentimental farewell note to the followers of her blog.

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The Duchess of Sussex and her husband have embarked on a variety of projects since their departure from ‘The Firm’. These have included Archewell Productions and the podcast that Meghan has where she has interviewed a number of celebrity guests around the topic of diversity and various issues surrounding women. The Duchess’s plans to relaunch ‘The Tig’ blog will add to these projects.

A date has not been set for the official relaunch of the blog by the Duchess.

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