'The Queen' actor SK Khoza as Shaka Khoza

‘The Queen’ actor SK Khoza. Image via Twitter @SKKhoza4

‘The Queen’s’ SK Khoza remembers Shona Ferguson: ‘I miss you Mr Sho’

‘The Queen’ cast members and his family are still coming to terms with Shona Ferguson’s death 30 days after he passed away from Covid-19.

'The Queen' actor SK Khoza as Shaka Khoza

‘The Queen’ actor SK Khoza. Image via Twitter @SKKhoza4

Actor SK Khoza who plays the role of Shaka Khoza on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen paid tribute to legendary producer Shona Ferguson who passed away a month ago from Covid-19.

The actor took to his Instagram account two days ago to reflect on his special moments with the late actor and thanked Shona Ferguson for everything he did for him.

Khoza posted a Live Instagram video between himself and the late creator of Ferguson Films and captioned the video:

I miss you, Mr Sho. In the past eight years, I got to know you, I swear they were nothing short of amazing.

Your legacy lives on, Mr Ferguuson. Until we meet again, big brother.

He said he learned so much from Shona Ferguson and he’s forever grateful for every single thing he did for him personally and professionally. 

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The Queen creator and Shona Ferguson’s wife Connie Ferguson also paid tribute to the Rockville actor three days ago. 

Mrs Ferguson said it still feels surreal that her husband is gone a month later.

Exactly a month today and it still feels surreal.

It’s always been said that LEGENDS NEVER DIE!

She comforted people who are currently dealing with the loss of a loved one and advised them to cherish the earthly memories lived.

May everyone who’s lost a loved one find comfort in God’s promise, cherish the earthly memories lived, celebrate the legacy left behind, remain steadfast in mind, and be kept in perfect peace because they TRUST IN THE LORD.

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