The Crown

Netflix bosses said to be ‘spooked’ by backlash. Images via Instagram @thecrownnetflix.

‘The Crown’ season five: Netflix bosses ‘spooked’ by backlash

Netflix bosses are believed to be ‘spooked’ by the backlash over ‘The Crown’ season five which releases soon after the death of the Queen.

The Crown

Netflix bosses said to be ‘spooked’ by backlash. Images via Instagram @thecrownnetflix.

Netflix is reportedly in crisis over the backlash the streaming platform received over the latest season of their big budget series The Crown.


Daily Mail reports that Netflix bosses are “spooked” by the backlash and outrage that the storyline of season five of The Crown has caused. This comes ahead of the fifth season’s release on 9 November.

A production source told the publication that media outage over inaccuracies as well as the lack of sensitivity in airing the series soon after the death of Queen Elizabeth II – is “spooking” Netflix bosses.

“The show has never been about sensationalism but it has also always been a drama. For the first years it seemed that everyone was happy to tolerate it,” said a source.

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The series is created and written by Peter Morgan. Sources claim that he has become “increasingly uncomfortable” as the series got closer to the present day.

“The truth is that it was easier to write the earlier series because, firstly, there is a wealth of historical documentation, plus a consensus over more of what happened, and you can be more broad brush dramatically and people don’t find it hurtful,” said the source.

“Peter is always trying to get to the truth. There is always reams and reams of research. However, people are more loose-lipped about Princess Margaret 50 years ago than John Major in 1991,” the source continued.

“Peter is very aware of all of it and it is a struggle. He insisted on announcing that series five would be the last, even though Netflix didn’t want to announce it. It didn’t want to kill the golden goose,” the source added.

Morgan is also said to be traumatised by the criticism.

“He is quite traumatised by the criticism. He has not done anything to be sensational. The show would be a different show if he sought the sensational,” said the source.

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The Crown is one of Netflix’s biggest hits with the streaming giant paying R204 million (£11.5 million) per episode of the show. Season five of the series will cover 1991 to 1997, which includes Princess Diana’s bombshell Panorama interview in 1995. 

Dominic West plays King Charles – the dominant figure in the series. According to the publication, the season will show Charles bitterly arguing with Princess Diana as their divorce looms and him romancing Queen Consort Camilla. The pair’s notorious “tampongate” phone call is also said to be included.

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