Terry Pheto

Tweeps are criticising actress Terry Pheto over her comments about GBV in South Africa.
Image via Twitter

‘Move to another country’: Terry Pheto dragged over ‘SA men’ tweet

Terry Pheto has come under fire for her tweet about ‘fearing South African men’ amid the recent spate of GBV attacks in the country.

Terry Pheto

Tweeps are criticising actress Terry Pheto over her comments about GBV in South Africa.
Image via Twitter

Terry Pheto has come under fire for her comments on gender-based violence (GBV), especially when it comes to South African men.

The actress shared her thoughts on Twitter following a spate of rapes and murders in the country in recent months.


Taking to Twitter, Terry Pheto shared a sombre picture of the front page of The Sowetan this week. On it, were the faces of 19 children, who were brutally murdered in recent months.

The award-winning actress captioned the image: “I fear South African men more than anything in the world”.

Terry Pheto was not the only celeb to share the disturbing image

Boity Thulo, Siv Ngesi and Anele Mdoda also reposted the images on their timelines. Siv shared of the image: “This makes me sick”, whilst Anele added: “We failed these kids”.

According to statistics published by The Sowetan, three children were murdered every day during the first half of the year 2022.

This comes amid the gruesome rape and murder of four-year-old Bokgabo Poo of Wattville, Johannesburg. The toddler’s mutilated body was found just one day after she was reported missing.

On Monday 17 October, Ntokozo Khulekani Zikhali appeared in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court on charges of kidnapping, rape, murder, defeating the ends of justice, and violation of little Bokgabo’s corpse.

According to reports, the man has another pending case of allegedly raping a nine-year-old girl.

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But whilst the focus should remain on the scourge of GBV and child murders in the country, Terry Pheto soon became the target of angry tweeps

Many took offence at the star’s wording.

@Facts_For_SA: “80% of criminals are illegal foreigners,  just that media won’t tell you”

@Godide2022: “How sure are they that it was a South African man? Because we also have Nigerians and Zimbabweans in our country”

@MabongaTm: “We get your point & understand what you mean.  But don’t say SOUTH AFRICAN MEN. Rather say South African heartless men, because it’s not all of us who do that nonsense. There’s a lot of mature, responsible men with pure intentions”

@masechaba27: “It’s a pity your comment overshadowed what the newspapers were trying to say. It’s not all RSA men that do this. We have an array of nationalities wandering the streets. I feel for these children and parents. The pain and trauma. Rephrase as your intent was so wrong on many levels”

@Phoseka: “After all the support Mzansi gave you, is this how you thank us? Really Terry Pheto? Is that how you feel about us? What about men that are labelled xenophobes in Dudula when they fight crime in Mzansi? We see you”