Tbo Touch

Tbo Touch is one of the highest-paid radio DJ’s in South Africa and his net worth of about R12 million proved it. Image via Instagram @tbotouch

R12m net worth: Tbo Touch’s career, ‘side hustles’ and more

Tbo Touch has had quite a run in radio industry and is said to be one of the highest paid radio DJ’s in South Africa.

Tbo Touch

Tbo Touch is one of the highest-paid radio DJ’s in South Africa and his net worth of about R12 million proved it. Image via Instagram @tbotouch

Thabo Molefe popularly known as Tbo touch is by far one of the highest-paid radio personalities in South Africa. His net worth is estimated to be around $700 000 (R12 million). He has made a household name from working as a radio DJ at Metro FM, rapping and presenting.

Tbo Touch
Tbo Touch has made quite a name for himself in the radio industry, and his net worth of R12 million proved it. Image via Instagram @tbotouch


At 19 years old, he kicked off his career working as an Intern at Dem Jam Recordings (Def Jam) in the United States in the early 2000s. This is where he met Kevin Liles, Def Jam President JayZ and other elite names in the industry.

In 2004 he met Lesly Ntloko in Manhattan. She happened to be the station manager at Metro FM at the time. The encounter provided Touch with the opportunity to bag himself a job as the host of Metro FM Live from New York City.

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Touch later moved to South Africa where he hosted Touch Down 326 drive at the branch station in Johannesburg. He held the role for 11 years. At the company, one of his roles was hosting the annual Metro FM Awards.

After six years, the Hip Hop radio DJ returned to Metro FM with a huge salary increase. Kaya FM reported the radio legend was collecting a R480 000 paycheck per month.


According to Zalebs, in 2005, Touch was also part of a show called Rhyme and Reason.  He also took on a role as the acting CEO of Soweto TV in 2019. He resigned shortly after damaging allegations surfaced about him allegedly misusing office resources and not paying the staff.


According to Briefly, the media personality once broke the record for hosting four separate programs at a given time. He hosted two radio programs and two live TV programs, Briefly reported.  

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After dedicating decades of his life to the radio industry, Touch started his own radio station called TouchCentral. He announced the news during a press conference in 2016 and said he would be partnering with fellow radio pioneer Gareth Cliff.

As reported by IOL, Touch was afforded an opportunity to have a signature drink crafted by the luxurious cognac house Courvoisier. The drink is called the Courvoisier Touch!

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