DJ Speedsta Cassper Nyovest

Images via @Speedsta/@CassperNyovest

‘Nyovest is weak’: Is DJ Speedsta trying to join Cassper in the ring?

South African musician DJ Speedsta seems to be contending for a boxing match with fellow artist Cassper Nyovest and his latest online rant proves it…

DJ Speedsta Cassper Nyovest

Images via @Speedsta/@CassperNyovest

South African musician DJ Speedsta, real name Lesego, has found himself trending on Twitter since the early hours of Monday morning. The former Y-FM host took to Twitter where he shared a pretty harsh and straightforward message with fellow musician, Cassper Nyovest. Many started anticipating a boxing match between Speedsta and Cassper.

DJ Speedsta catches feelings

South African DJ, Speedsta is the talk of the town on Twitter. It all started when the DJ took to the social media app to share a pretty scathing message with fellow local artist, Cassper Nyovest. In his tweet, Speedsta doesn’t hold back with the insults and even calls Nyovest ‘weak.’

His tweet left many South Africans speculating what it was all about. Many of them seemingly agreed with his sentiments and reacted to the post over 2000 times. Others however shared some pretty mean comments about Speedsta in the comment section. His tweet read:

“I’m sorry I need to let something off my chest. Take it as you want. Cassper Nyovest is weak!!! No soul, no nothing. Tag him if you want. Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him, & Lesego knows him for a long time. You’re weak Refiloe!!!”

“Long story cut short. Leave the Cassper nonsense. I live a pure & genuine life with morals & integrity, That’s just how I was brought up. Also always been a very outspoken person, So take whatever I say how you want. I, unfortunately, don’t give a damn.”

SA wonders whether he’s Cassper’s next boxing contender

Of course, many locals wondered whether or not Cassper would be inviting Speedsta in the ring so that they could sort out their issues. Others also started dragging the DJ for trying to ‘be relevant’ with Cassper’s name. Read a few of their comments about it below:

@Cellular_Jnr said:

“Honestly. We also don’t give a damn about Speedsta bro… That’s why in the music industry you’re slowly dying. Now you decided to bash Cassper cause you want attention. Relax chief!”

@Thabo05852519 said:

“Industry jealous. Anyway, I had forgotten abt him until this. He is fighting to be relevant with jabs… Sadly thou not with his God-given talent which is music.”

@sunraysandstuff said:

“when he wakes up he’s gonna say a boxing match lol be ready Speedsta”

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