Sorisha Naidoo dance moves

Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngiba. Images via Instagram @mbaliyesizwengiba4

Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngiba’s classy dance moves open the R1.3 billion Mall [watch]

Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngeba’s billion-dollar dance moves open Vivian Reddy’s R1.3 billion Mall in Durban.

Sorisha Naidoo dance moves

Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngiba. Images via Instagram @mbaliyesizwengiba4

Actresses Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngiba celebrate Vivian Reddy’s R1.3 billion Mall with delicate and classy dance moves.

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A few days ago, Sorisha and her family welcomed Mzansi’s top and rich celebs in Durban for the official opening of their Mall. It was a five-star event that included top celebrities like Somizi Mhlongo, Mbali Ngiba and many others.

A few pictures of the event went viral a few days ago, but the actual celebrations showed how much they enjoyed it. Indeed, these kinds of videos don’t usually come out, getting to see wealthy people enjoying themselves with classy dance moves. They typically prefer to keep it a mystery.

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Thank God, here is everything you need to know about how they celebrated. Of course, the lady of the night, Sorisha Naidoo, opened the R1.3 billion Mall with some classy dance moves alongside Mbali Ngiba.

Sorisha Naidoo dance moves
Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngiba. Image via Instagram @mbaliyesizwengiba4


Many top ladies were on the dance floor producing top dance moves, which was so lovely. Indeed, there is no way the cameraman could take the video ideally; it was a moment of joy. However, Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngeba took the attention with their classy dance moves.

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In the post, Mbali started by sharing her pictures with Sorisha from another day. She then attached the dancing video at the end of the slides and caught Mzansi off guard. What a fantastic duo to see; Mbali and Sorisha are buddies.

Indeed, watching the two Real Housewives of Durban stars off the screen is interesting, and fans loved it. Indeed, they are sisters giving each other a shoulder as they rise.

Watch Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngeba’s classy dance moves as they open the R1.3 billion Mall [last slides]


Indeed, many fans still need to learn if Sorisha Naidoo and Mbali Ngeba’s dance moves mean anything about their blurry relationship. The two stars have not been best friends, especially with the Nonku saga, but it seemed they had found common ground. Here are the best comments from Mzansi:

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Big up Mbali for being a bigger person it was good to watch women making peace❤️🙌

I’m glad you fixed things with Nonku she did not mean it in a bad way and that was b4 she meet you. Her only fault was telling other people who she thought were her friend not you

I love that you remain neutral because non of these ladies are good people,they were all saying stuff about mabusi and all questioning her bags.This is a group of toxic women, I love you.why is @slee_thebosslady concerned about your marriage is because they want something to talk about and no one is questioning her about her boyfriend