Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele has won praise from GBV activists Women For Change after she condemned the actions of her son Donell.
Images via Twitter

GBV activists praise Sonia Mbele’s statement on abuse: ‘Powerful’

‘This is how women stand against perpetrators…even our children’: Women For Change said of Sonia Mbele’s statement about son Donell.

Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele has won praise from GBV activists Women For Change after she condemned the actions of her son Donell.
Images via Twitter

Women For Change – who advocate against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in South Africa – have praised a statement made by Sonia Mbele about her son Donell’s vicious attack on his girlfriend Reokeditswe.

The activist organisation thanked the actress for not turning a blind eye.

Donell is the son of Sonia Mbele and her ex-husband Leslie Sidibe, who has also been accused of domestic abuse.

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This week, Sonia Mbele’s son Donell made headlines after his girlfriend Reokeditswe Makete accused him of brutally assaulting her.

The young woman shared pics of her injuries as well as a screenshot from Donell, in which he confessed to wanting to “kill” and “rape” the woman.

Hours later, Sonia herself issued a statement condemning her son’s actions. She shared: “From the age of 17 to 26 I was with a man who was abusive, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. I’m mentioning this so that you understand that as a woman who has suffered ALL kinds of abuse, I do not stand for, support, or condone such a stance”.

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Sonia then admitted to falling short of helping her son navigate his experience growing up in a household where his mother was allegedly being abused.

Nevertheless, she added: “Donell will face his demons and take accountability for his actions and let the law take its course. Rehab, therapy and internal healing will prevail”

Speaking to Drum shortly thereafter, Sonia Mbele also revealed that she had encouraged her son to seek help at a rehabilitation centre.

She said: “Immediately when this happened, I sat them both down and I decided to send my son away to get help.

“I realized that if he is anything like his father, he is going to need help immediately. His father was abusive, but I stayed for nine years because I was in love, I wanted to build, and I thought things would change”.


Like thousands of social media users, Women For Change have praised Sonia Mbele for encouraging her son to take accountability and seek professional help.

They shared in a tweet: “This is how women stand against perpetrators, even if those are our children! This is so powerful.

“Thank you for standing up as a woman. As a mother. As a survivor. Love and strength”.

Apart from Sonia Mbele, other high-profile female stars who have received support from the organisation include:

  • Sithelo Shozi, who accused ex-boyfriend Andile Mpisane of verbally and physically abusing her.
  • Amanda du Pont, who accused a former boyfriend Jub Jub of assaulting and raping her throughout their relationship
  • Enhle Mbali, who accused her famous ex; DJ Black Coffee of being physically and verbally abusive
  • Monique Muller who accused ex-Katlego Maboe of infidelity and abuse
  • Moneoa, who broke her silence about being in an alleged abusive relationship with ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga.