Sonia Booth Bongani Moller Mathew Booth

Sonia Booth has claimed her husband has not money. Images via Instagram: @soniabooth

‘He is broke!’: Sonia Booth tells Matthew’s alleged mistress

Sonia Booth says if Bongani Möller is with Mathew because of his money then she must rethink her options and stay with her ‘sugar daddy’.

Sonia Booth Bongani Moller Mathew Booth

Sonia Booth has claimed her husband has not money. Images via Instagram: @soniabooth

Soccer legend Mathew Booth’s wife Sonia Booth has put her husbands financial status out for the whole world to see.

She says that her husband’s alleged mistress Bongani Möller probably thinks he is rich considering that he is a legend but he is infact broke and has been for a while.

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The model has revealed that Mathew has been putting up an act around the likes of Patrice Motsepe so he appears as though he still has money.

“Mathew Booth isn’t as wealthy as he might have portrayed. ‘Peer pressure’ and keeping up with the Motsepes has him dipping his fingers into our sons education funds for years now. A meeting I had with our investment banker last week shook me. I’ll be damned!,” Sonia says.

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The mother of two then came for Bongani’s husband who is only known as Klaus who she claims may die anytime of only she perseveres. She may just cash in big time because he is allegedly terminally ill.


“She should stick to her filthy rich 70-something year old alleged sugar daddy…She must just hang in there considering how terminally ill ntate tswekere is,” she says.

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“Not too long till she gets her inheritance and hopefully she can start financially supporting her legend because no asset with my name attached to it will be sold anytime soon,” the model tells Bongani.

“He himself mentioned his SS salary was not enough, plenty salary that could stretch for someone living sensibly instead of keeping up appearances to impress groupies,” Sonia says.

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Tweeps are however playing the devil’s advocate’s and saying that Sonia revealed that Mathew allegedly cheated because he is now broke.

“Sonia Booth is publicly exposing Matthew because he’s broke. I don’t think if they were still okay financially she would done this! I said what I said!!!,” says @bheki_mdlalose5.

“Not Sonia Booth saying Matthew is balliing on children’s education fund because homey is broke. 😭😭😭
I swear, mjolo ke metsi a ko Hammanskraal 😭😭,” says @MissMadiba

“Sonia Booth is me and I’m her. She already broke up with Mateu long time ago and dealt with the pain before she exposed them. Trust me I’m a Scorpio that’s how we play the game😊,” says @thandoliciod.