Somizi denies dating DJ Bongan

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo and a ‘friend’. Image via Instagram @somizi.

Somizi denies dating DJ Bongani: ‘I will be finding many new loves’

‘So I’m not allowed to be seen with any male,’ says Somizi Mhlongo as he addresses rumours that he is dating DJ Bongani Mfihlo.

Somizi denies dating DJ Bongan

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo and a ‘friend’. Image via Instagram @somizi.

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo denies dating the latest man he has been pictured with, via an Instagram post today (20 October). 


Taking to Instagram, Somizi Mhlongo cleared the air on yet another suspected bae — DJ Bongani Mfihlo. He shared a screenshot of what seems to be a Facebook post. 

“Love is in the air again, Somizi’s new found love, know more about his partner, he knew him since his childhood but never though…,” read the caption of the Facebook post in question. 

The former Idols SA judge explained that the speculation around his love life is “difficult” for him. He explained that he cannot be pictured with any male because they turn into his new loves. 

“No this is difficult…so I’m not allowed to be seen with any male…this means I will be finding many new loves…it’s actually very nice in singlehood… @b_bongzie .askies my friend don’t worry u will be replaced soon enjoy it whilst this new love lasts lol,” wrote Somizi when roughly translated to English.


Since he announced his divorce from actor Mohale Motaung, Somizi has been pictured with quite a few men leaving his fans to speculate. 

At the end of September he was on vacation in Cape Town with his tennis coach. Fans also speculated that Somizi was romantically linked to musician Sinethemba Magubane.

There is also singer Vusi Nova, Somizi’s “bestie” who many believed were more than friends since they began taking “bestiecations” earlier this year. The media personality also spent is birthday with Vusi last year and not Mohale which left many wondering what the state of “somhale” was. 


In August audio clips between Mohale and the producers of Living The Dream With Somizi were leaked. The audio clips revealed incidents of alleged abuse which took place between the pair. 

“I took my keys and walked out, he took a knife. I was about to exit, so he said to me, ‘if you exit… I’m going to kill us both.’ So I took my keys and ran. He grabbed the knife and said ‘if you walk out, I’m going to stab you.’ Now I see a different person. I was sh*t scared and walked back into the house. He said ‘let’s talk.’ He cried and we moved on,” said Mohale in the leaked audio clips.

This led to Somizi being given “time off” from his judge role on Idols SA and his radio gig on Metro FM, which he has not returned to since.

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