Somizi and Mohale

Somizi and Mohale on their wedding day. Image via Instagram @mohale_77

Somhale part two? Here’s what Mohale thinks about reuniting with Somizi!

Will Somizi and Mohale ever find their way back to each other’s arms? Here’s exactly what Mohale thinks about the wild idea…

Somizi and Mohale

Somizi and Mohale on their wedding day. Image via Instagram @mohale_77

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung were once upon a time one of South Africa’s favourite couples. In 2019, the pair wed and everyone assumed it was happily ever after – until it wasn’t anymore. In August 2021, abuse allegations were thrown around and they quickly headed for splitsville. One fan, however, recently tweeted that the pair will soon reunite.

After spotting the tweet, Mohale shared a hilarious response that left many Twitter users in complete stitches.

Mohale on him getting back with Somizi

Somhale is a thing of the past and both the Idols SA judge and his estranged husband Mohale appear to have moved on with their lives. One person who doesn’t think it’s completely over for the couple is a Twitter user with the handle @Pogiso_Tseke.

Taking to the social media app on Tuesday 22 February, the young lady tweeted:

“@somizi and @mohale_motaung will get back together nna I can’t wait.”

Mohale, who quickly spotted the tweet, could not deal and is clearly against the idea. While he didn’t say it in as many words – or any words – judging by the meme he used to express himself, we just know a reunion is not on the cards.

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Take a look at his response below:

His fans share their thoughts

Many people found the tweet hilarious and quickly headed to the comment section where they shared what they think about a Somhale reunion:

@Motso380854071 said:

“Nah that won’t happen to be honest that was not real love was love with the intent to grow myself via you.”

@urbanswati said:

“Showmax only had a deal for one season munuuuu.”

@Jolakazi07 said:

“Lol!! I don’t think Mohale will ever go back to Njomane. You can tell that he is so over him. Even though many of u are trying very hard to always bring Somizi in everything he does.”

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