Somizi Mhlongo seemingly defends Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @somizi.

‘Deal with your partner’: Somizi seemingly defends Enhle Mbali?

‘Idols SA’ judge Somizi Mhlongo took to Instagram to weigh in on infidelity after Enhle Mbali, was accused of being a ‘home wrecker’


Somizi Mhlongo seemingly defends Enhle Mbali. Image via Instagram @somizi.

South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo has seemingly defended actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa, after she was accused of cheating with Justice Huni, husband of Valentina Bango.

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Media personality Somizi Mhlongo weighed in on infidelity during his #BathroomTalkWithSomizi on Instagram. Somizi said women should deal with their husbands and stop accusing mistresses of ending their marriages. According to the Idols SA judge, it’s always women who expose their partners’ mistresses on social media, while men don’t do that to other men.

“When are married women going to accept that the person who broke or breaks their marriage is their partner?”

“The person who owes you loyalty is your husband. The side owes you nothing. Had your husband the backbone to say no, these things would have never happened. You cannot decide what is morally right for the side chick,” he said

The Idols SA judge said he does not condone infidelity and believes that if your partner cheats, you should leave with dignity.

“I am realistic that they don’t give a sh*t. The person supposed to give a sh*t is your partner … deal with your partner and leave, and leave with your dignity. Please love yourselves more. You shouldn’t be fighting. The minute you have to ask someone to chose between you and the other person, you have already lost”.

So, is Somizi defending Enhle?

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Controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai, has also weighed in on this heated debate. She said personally she does not have any issue with sleeping with a married man as long as the wife knows.

“The older you get the more likely it is that a man will be married. For me, personally, I don’t think there’s an issue with sleeping [with] a married man if his wife knows. I have been in relationships where I had a husband and wife. So if we just talk openly as people.”

She added “I don’t need a full-time husband, I’m not here to break your home. I don’t want somebody there all the time. I just need the D. So for me it’s not such a big issue as long as the wife knows.”

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In a statement released on Wednesday 10 January, Justice cleared his name and Enhle’s name after being accused of cheating on his wife with the Rockville actress. No one saw it coming that Justice would rubbish the claims after Enhle stated that she wanted to join the couple in a polygamous marriage during a leaked WhatsApp call between Valentine and herself.

Justice denied cheating on his wife with Enhle, and said the actress is a friend who was covering up for him.

“I categorically deny everything stated about Enhle pertaining to the nature of mine and Ehle’s relationship. She, unfortunately, got herself into a messy issue and as a friend, she covered for me unaware it would lead to this unfortunate event,” he stated according to IOL.

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