somizi and mohale

Mohale just threw some shade at Somizi. Images via Twitter: @mohalemotaung/@somizi

‘Peace was never an option’: SA reacts as Mohale shades Somizi

Tweeps love how Mohale just shaded Somizi. One Tweep wrote: ‘You suffered on Twitter because of him. You were trolled and trolled daily.’

somizi and mohale

Mohale just threw some shade at Somizi. Images via Twitter: @mohalemotaung/@somizi

The drama between media personality Somizi Mhlongo and his ex Mohale Motaung has come to an abrupt end this week. Court papers shared on social media reveal that the Idols SA judge has closed his action for the divorce case against Mohale and has also agreed to pay all charges associated with the case. Speaking to local media publications, Somizi revealed that he was not ordered to pay the costs but decided to do so because it was an insignificant amount due to the case being in its early stages.

Despite this, Mohale has seemingly thrown a bit of shade at Somizi which didn’t go unnoticed by his followers who quickly called him out.

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Mohale throws shade at Somizi

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung are officially rid of each other following shocking accusations of abuse and gold-digging.

The pair left South Africans clutching at their pearls after announcing their split while accusing each other of all sorts of scandalous things.

somizi and mohale
Mohale just threw some shade at Somizi. Images via Twitter: @mohalemotaung/@somizi

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Shortly afterward news of a looming divorce hit and many waited to see what the outcome would be.

This week, Somizi shared a statement revealing that divorce was not necessary since no valid customary marriage was entered into. He subsequently dropped his case against Mohale and also paid all of the costs associated with his legal team.

Despite this, Mohale has sprinkled a little bit of shade on his Twitter timeline by sharing a photo of one of the Sarafina! cast, a movie Somizi is famous for acting in.

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Mzansi is in stitches

While Mohale shared no context behind the snap, many took it as shade towards Somizi who says he will be starting his healing process.

Take a look at some of the comments made about Mohale’s shade.

@bryan said:

“Peace was never an option here.”

@mczmot commented:

“Yey, you suffered on Twitter because of him ke sana. You were trolled and trolled daily. I am glad it has been finalised in court and you can still tick “single” and “never married” on any official document ke sana. You are not a return soldier.”

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