Somizi musa

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo did a hilarious Musa Khawula impersonation. Images via Instagram @somizi.

‘So accurate’: Somizi does hilarious Musa Khawula impersonation

‘Somizi killed it here,’ wrote one person after watching the clip of Somizi perfectly executing his Musa Khawula impersonation.

Somizi musa

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo did a hilarious Musa Khawula impersonation. Images via Instagram @somizi.

South Africans have not stopped laughing after watching an absolutely hilarious clip of local media personality Somizi Mhlongo doing a spot-on impersonation of controversial gossip blogger Musa Khawula. In a clip that has been doing the rounds on Twitter, Somizi can be seen preparing a meal while promoting his Suncity concert which will be taking place on the 4th of March.

He also hilariously refers to himself as Musa Khawula the Pope of Pope Culture while employing the real Musa’s usual choice of vulgar words and manner of addressing his viewers.

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Somizi pretends to Musa Khawula in hilarious clip

Idols SA presenter Somizi Mhlongo is well known for his over the top personality.

The popular TV and radio presenter once again proved himself to be the funniest of them all after heading online to share a hilarious video where he pretends to be none other than the infamous Musa Khawula.

In the clip that was reshared on Twitter by @tshweumoleme, Somizi jokes about not wearing a black shirt, something Musa Khawula is famous for.

Khanyi Mbau loves Musa Khawula. Image via YouTube: The Pope of Popculture
Musa Khawula in his famous black unbuttoned shirt. Image via YouTube: The Pope of Popculture

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He then goes on to use Musa’s favourite choice of swear words and insults to explain that he will be having a concert this coming week and Cassper Nyovest will be attending.

“You must come to my concert at Sun City on 4 March. I’ll have that talentless Cassper, Cassper Nyovest with the Bentley. And Sjava and that Kelly Khumalo that’s pregnant. You know, I don’t care b*tches,” he says using the same facial expression and tone of that Musa hilariously uses.

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Mzansi is in stitches

The clip left Twitter users absolutely howling as they discussed how accurately Somizi was able to portray Musa.

Take a look at some of their comments about the impersonation below:

@reefyeseau said:

“ :joy::joy: so funny and so accurate!!”

@officialmdaza said:

“I still say Somizi killed it here, exactly how Musa speaks the language ”

While @LHDiamondcloth warned Somizi that Musa was not going to let this slide:

“Musa is definitely coming back for you”

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