Somizi Mohale

Somizi has dropped his case against Mohale. Images via Instagram: @somizi

Bigger person? SA reacts as Somizi drops case against Mohale

‘The scorned cabal of false accusers will purposely misinterpret this,’ said a tweep after Somizi dropped his case against Mohale.

Somizi Mohale

Somizi has dropped his case against Mohale. Images via Instagram: @somizi

South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo appears to have thrown in the towel with regard to his fight with his estranged husband Mohale Motaung. Court papers shared online by Gender-Based Violence activist Nampree reveal that Somizi has withdrawn the defamation charges against Mohale and has also agreed to pay all of the legal fees Mohale has accumulated over this time.

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Somizi withdraws case against Mohale

It looks like Somizi is willing to let bygones be bygones after he allegedly withdrew his case against his estranged husband Mohale.

Court papers shared on Twitter by human rights activist Nampree reveal that the Idols SA host has given up the case and has also been asked by the court to pay for all of Mohale’s legal charges.

Mohale Motaung
Twitter users assisted Mohale Motaung troll Somizi Mhlongo online. Umage via Instagram @somizi/ @mohale_77

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Nampree captioned the post:

“Convicted sexual offender, Somizi Mhlongo withdraws his case and is instructed to pay all Mohale’s legal fees. A win for toxic feminists.”

Meanwhile the document reads:

“Kindly take note that the plaintiff withdraws the actions instituted against the defendant and tenders the defendant’s taxed and/ or agreed party and party costs.”

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Mzansi shares mixed reactions

The post was met with mixed reactions from social media users who either celebrated Mohale or sided with Sonmzi who they say was “being the bigger person.”

Take a look at some of their comments:

@HloniphaNtswam said:

“And Mohale faced so much humiliation from the entertainment space from podcasters to even newspapers as well. I really hope he was paid what he was due because the amount of people that bullied him to save face for S*mizi meanwhile the whole LGBTQ knows how abusive he is.”

@AubreyMo_ commented:

“Sounds like Somizi got tired and chose to be a bigger person. It doesn’t imply or mean anything regards to the merits of the case. Of course, the scorned cabal of false accusers will purposely misinterpret this to suite their narrative.”

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