Nadia Nakai boat cruising

Nadia Nakai. Image via Instagram @nadianakai

‘Soft life’: Nadia Nakai’s Dubai boat cruising video goes viral

Nadia Nakai shared several pictures of her Dubai vacation, but her boat riding video has left Mzansi agreeing she is living a ‘soft life’.

Nadia Nakai boat cruising

Nadia Nakai. Image via Instagram @nadianakai

Hip Hop star Nadia Nakai is living a ‘soft life’ in Dubai, and her boat cruising video has impressed fans.

Nadia announced her Dubai holiday and has shared her excellent experiences since Sunday.

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She shared pictures of enjoying the sunshine, touring the city and hanging out, and her fans loved it.

Some of her fans even said she deserved it after a difficult few months since losing her boyfriend, AKA.

With all the Dubai content coming, Nadia’s boat cruising has left fans agreeing that she is living a peaceful life.

Upon arriving in Dubai for her holiday, Nadia said:

“Come to Dubai Habibi. 💖 🇦🇪 #visitDubai”

Nadia Nakai boat cruising
Nadia Nakai. Image via Instagram @nadianakai


The thirty-three-year-old actress took it to the ocean to enjoy quality time in the Dubai waters.

She looked like a lone-ranger; some fans noticed it as they threw lovely comments.

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Riding on a boat, Nadia left some fans thrilled with how good she had been looking.

Sharing on her Instagram, Nadia Nakai said:

“It’s the South Aaaah Baddie, giving Brats Doll in Dubai Habibi! 🇦🇪”

This is undoubtedly a different feeling to a lady who was used to going on holidays with her boyfriend.

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Regarding vacations, Nadia said she was not ready to go to New York because of her memories with AKA.

With all that, her fans are happy she is finding some quality time again.


After Nadia Nakai shared her boat cruising video in Dubai, most fans loved it.

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They came with so many nice comments for her saying:

“Kairo is the one but I need someone to extende my legacy is to much you the Ice on the cake”

“It’s important to make yourself happy dear 😍😍”

“The things I can never do 😢, I’m getting emotion sickness by just looking at the video”