SleeNdlovu opens up about kids on the reunion. Images via Instagram @slee_thebosslady.

Slee’s fans rally around her after altercation with Nonku

Slee has been able to maintain the adoration from her fans who are rooting for her after the fight with Nonku


SleeNdlovu opens up about kids on the reunion. Images via Instagram @slee_thebosslady.

The season finale of The Real Housewives of Durban is still definitely on people’s lips. The highlight of the  episode would be the physical altercation between neighbours and former friends Slee Ndlovu and Nonku Williams.

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What happened between Slee & Nonku

Slee who was introduced by Nonku to the group has always been the definition of cool, calm and collected even when she was being forced into toxic interactions especially by two of her co-stars with whom she butt  heads the most with; Nonku and her new best friend Jojo Robinson.

It was, according to Bona Magazine, to the surprise of many that Slee would lose her cool and almost get into a physical fight with Nonku. There are some fans who see the fight as being a long time coming considering the way that Nonku could have been seen as provoking Slee with her actions on the show.

Slee, Nonku and Jojo
‘RHOD’ viewers have labelled Jojo a ‘villian’ after breaking up Nonku and Slee’s friendship. Images via Instagram: @slee_thebosslady, @mrs.jojo.robinson

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Slee’s fanbase has been worried that since it was her RHOD debut season she might lose her job because of the altercation. This however is unlikely as the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise has always thrived on drama but however has had a zero tolerance approach when it comes to physical violence.

Twitter reactions from Slee’s fanbase

The reaction on Twitter of the altercation seems to move toward Slee’s side of the argument, the tweeps are all united on the idea that is was Nonku who pushed Slee to her breaking point. Some have been adamant that Slee must continue keeping her head high.

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This proposed attitude towards Nonku and the overall situation will be tested at the reunion. The first part of the reunion will be free to stream from the third of May

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