Unathi Nyaki posing for a selfie. Image via @unathi.co/Instagram

Sizwe Dhlomo is unapologetic about Unathi Nkayi’s dismissal

Sizwe Dhlomo is not sorry for Unathi’s termination: ‘She got what she deserves’. This occurs after Unathi sues Kaya959.


Unathi Nyaki posing for a selfie. Image via @unathi.co/Instagram

Recently, Sizwe Dhlomo responded on Twitter to a comment alleging the remuneration package of former Kaya FM DJ Unathi Nkayi while she worked for the radio station.

The revelation is that Unathi is suing her former employer for R1.6 million for unfair dismissal and income loss as a result of the station’s illegal termination of her contract.

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Recently, it was claimed that Unathi received a salary of R81 250.00 while working for Kaya FM. Considering that she didn’t even have a drivetime or breakfast programme, it’s a lot of many.

Unathi was shown at a desk at the radio station in the picture tweeted by the very well-known Twitter user @AdvoBarryRoux with the caption:

“Unathi Nkayi’s monthly salary from Kaya FM was R81 250.”

Over 1.2 million people viewed the tweet, and there were over 370 responses.

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One social media user chose to tag Sizwe Dhlomo and enquire whether he felt terrible for collecting Unathi’s income after the news appeared on the blue app. Sizwe, being Sizwe, confronted the situation head-on by emphasising his innocence. As a result, he didn’t feel bad about it at all!

Additionally, when a follower made Sizwe Dhlomo feel bad. Sizwe further stated that they will be as joyful when the time comes for his own demise, demonstrating his lack of concern. Also, Sizwe opted not to respond when questioned about his personal salary.

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The attempt by Unathi to implicate Sizwe Dhlomo has failed

Unathi had earlier alleged that Sizwe Dhlomo had verbally abused her during a dispute, making her fearful for her own safety.

However, the radio station’s investigations revealed that the artist had lied and even attempted to have Sizwe falsely accused of abuse in order to get him fired. She was immediately fired from the station as a result.

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Now that everything has been addressed, Sizwe Dhlomo has cleared his name. Unathi’s attempts to implicate him in abuse were unsuccessful, and he has made it clear that he had no part in her termination.

The rumours and conjectures that have been going around on social media have now been put to rest.