Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi announced that he was joining Racing 92 after the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi

‘You deserve the euros pay check’: Siya Kolisi joins Racing 92

Siya Kolisi declared he would be moving to Europe in the following months to come, his fans were devastated but congratulated him anyway.

Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi announced that he was joining Racing 92 after the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi

Siya Kolisi announced he would be leaving South Africa later this year and relocating to France with his family. The Sharks player promised to give his all in the remaining months he had with his fellow team members and said his decision took an enormous amount of consideration.


The professional rugby player shared that after the 2023 Rugby World Cup, he would be leaving the Sharks rugby team and will be joining a France club, Racing 92.

In a statement shared on Twitter, he said that his teammates were aware of the move and have given him blessings to embark on the new chapter with his family.

He thanked his teammates for the support which he said he received from day one and said he appreciated the Sharks team members greatly.

Kolisi said, “I am so appreciative that the Sharks have given me their blessing to make this move, and it goes without saying that I will continue to give my all for the team over the next few months.”

The beloved sportsman shared that his wife Rachel and their kids had always supported him in his career and in doing so, they had sacrificed many moments without him at home.

He affirmed that joining the new team would allow him to be more active and present at home.

“The move to Racing 92 will enable me to spend more time with my family, which is something that I have longed for, and this prospect certainly played a significant part in my decision making, Kolisi shared.”

Lastly, South Africa’s favourite rugby captain acknowledged everyone involved in the opportunity to play oversees and said he was excited to have been afforded the chance of a lifetime.

“Not many athletes get the chance to write the chapters of their respective story, and I view this new challenge in France as an opportunity to do this,” the flanker concluded.

The news left Kolisi’s fans heartbroken to know that indeed the rumours were true, but most of them wished him well and joked that maybe one of the reasons in his decision making to leave Mzansi was the country’s problem with loadshedding.

Siya Kolisi
Siya Kolisi’s rugby fans congratulated him for bagging a job in Europe. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi


@KickingDevils said:

“This hurts as a Sharks fan. As long as you are happy, then I’m cool with it. All the best. Let’s win the URC or Champions Cup before you leave. “

@Lungz1ads said:

“Congrats Gqwashu, well deserved move! Nothing but the best to you and family!”

@ OrbitaDicta

“God bless you big man! May you continue to make the most out of the talent He has blessed you with and the opportunities He provides.”

@brianchunky14 said:

“You’re a legend Siya. Excited for the rest of your season with us (Sharks), winning the World Cup and your next chapter at Racing.”

@DeeolanGovender said:

“Great player. Better captain. Best human being and man.”

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