Tweeps revisited a Twitter feud between Sithelo Shozi and Sarah Langa, allegedly over Andile Mpisane.
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‘Sarah Langa was right’: Tweeps revisit Andile’s apology ‘gift’ to Sithelo

‘Remember when Sarah Langa tried to warn her?’: Tweeps have revisited a post Sithelo Shozi allegedly shared about Andile Mpisane.


Tweeps revisited a Twitter feud between Sithelo Shozi and Sarah Langa, allegedly over Andile Mpisane.
Image via Instagram

A day after Sithelo Shozi revealed she was allegedly assaulted at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Andile Mpisane, tweeps have brought receipts of her past.

The DJ trended on Tuesday 5 July after she posted clips, pics, and allegations of her reported abusive relationship with the Royal AM chairperson.

Sithelo and Andile share two daughters — Florence “Flo” and Likuwe “Coco” — together. Andile Mpisane has baby Miaandy with his new wife Tamia, whom he wed in December.

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In a series of Instagram Stories, Sithelo Shozi revealed that Andile Mpisane was apologetic after allegedly abusing her.

She shared alongside pics of her bruised and battered face: “Or should I speak about the beatings I’d get every week or monthly followed by a bunch of flowers so I’d never speak out?”

Sithelo Shozi shares pics of her bruised and battered face – allegedly by Andile Mpisane.

In another, she shared a screenshot in which Andile allegedly apologised for verbally abusing her.

Tweeps also shared receipts of the many times Sithelo Shozi bragged on social media about her lavish gifts from her baby daddy.


Back in 2019, Sarah Langa and Sithelo Shozi had a frosty exchange on Twitter.

It all began when Sithelo posted pictures of gifts she had received from her partner at the time – allegedly Andile Mpisane. She captioned the post: “Apology accepted”

Enter Sarah Langa who publicly scoffed at the post, tweeting: “Ummm…no, not in my books! He is still in the pits”.

Sarah added: “Men do absolute trash and then expect to buy our forgiveness. This is why they continue to be trash because our forgiveness can be repeatedly bought”.

Sithelo engaged in a heated back-and-forth with the blogger, eventually telling her to “Tsek”. Her sister Zekhethelo also chimed in, taking cheap shots at the influencer.


Following Sithelo’s admission that she was in an abusive relationship – allegedly at the hands of Andile, tweeps took to the platform to remind her of her beef with Sarah Langa

@valleyvay10: “Remember when Sarah Langa tried to warn Sithelo about Andile Mpisane and she was dragged”

@KgosiNatasha: “Sarah was right! Ladies, we need to stop letting men buy our forgiveness with materials”

@Lalala544405332: “I remember the day Sarah Langa told her accepting these grand gifts as apologies were enabling Andile. Sithelo told her to mind her business”

@nthabiNKC: “Sarah Langa once insinuated how abusers will send you gifts and flowers when Sithelo posted a big bouquet of flowers with cash notes inserted. It all makes sense. She was probably triggered”

@vuyobeaming: “I’ll never forget when Sithelo said  “tsek” to Sarah Langa for giving her 2cents on all those gifts she received as an apology”