A popular author believes J.Lo and Ben Affleck are not the best fit for one another. Image via Instagram @bendos_everyday

Siofra Brennan: Reasons why J.Lo needs to ditch Ben Affleck

Newlyweds J.Lo and her husband, Ben Affleck, were seen at the Grammys not doing so well, and author Siofra Brennan believes the end is near.


A popular author believes J.Lo and Ben Affleck are not the best fit for one another. Image via Instagram @bendos_everyday

After seeing how bored and out of place actor Ben Affleck was at the Grammys on Sunday. 5 February, author Siofra Brennan, told Daily Mail all the reasons why J.Lo should ditch her fourth husband.


J.Lo and Ben Affleck had an awkward moment at the Grammys last month. Image via Instagram @bendos_everyday


Brennan believes J.Lo deserves someone more similar to her. Affleck was said to be a poker-playing, bar-crawling, chain-smoking kind of guy whose been in rehab for drinking too much. Meanwhile, the Ain’t Your Mama hitmaker does not drink nor smoke.

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While J.Lo has always had great taste in fashion, her ex Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) was just the same. On the other hand, Affleck’s style is nothing close to fabulous. He was married to Jennifer Garner, an undoubtedly beautiful woman who is said to be “determined to be aggressively non-glamorous with her navy jumpers, mom jeans, and frequent trips to church”.

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Brennan was reported to say that J.Lo deserved someone who would not only be with her but who would also add value to her brand. When J.Lo was still with A-Rod, Brennan says that Vanity Fair described the couple as a “merging of business empires’, unlike now that she’s with Affleck and seen merely as a couple.

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J.Lo and Affleck tied the knot in a surprise low-key ceremony at midnight in Las Vegas on 17 July 2022, Harpers Bazaar reported.

This was their second attempt at their relationship after breaking off their engagement in 2003 just two days before the wedding ceremony.

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J.Lo won’t settle for less and is not afraid to start over.

According to PageSIX, J.Lo was married to Ojani Noa from 1997 until 1998 and to Chris Judd from 2001 to 2002. She then was said to have married Marc Anthony in June 2004, just a week after his divorce from former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres was finalised.

Before marrying Affleck last year, J.Lo was engaged to former baseball player, A-Rod.

Her dating history includes Sean Combs, also known as Puff Diddy, whom she dated for about two years; she then had a quick fling with rapper Drake and once-dated dancer Casper Smart.

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