Simphiwe Dana s not happy with the ANC. Images via Twitter: @simphiwedana

Simphiwe Dana slams ANC as ‘hypocrites’ following packed Tembisa rally

Simphiwe Dana has slammed the ANC as ‘hypocrites’ after they did a rally with thousands in attendance completely disregarding COVID-19 protocol.


Simphiwe Dana s not happy with the ANC. Images via Twitter: @simphiwedana

South African songstress Simphiwe Dana is not happy with President Cyril Ramaphosa and the rest of the ANC. The singer recently slammed the party after spotting a photo of the large crowd that pitched up at an ANC rally in Tembisa that took place over the weekend.

Simphiwe Dana wants the government to quit being hypocrites

Over the weekend President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed a large crowd of people at an ANC rally in Tembisa. This comes after the president previously declared that a maximum of 500 people will be allowed at outdoor gatherings as part of COVID-19 safety protocols.

ANC’s Mzwandile Masina shared a snap taken at the rally and it is easy to see that there are a lot more than 500 people in attendance and this does not sit well with musician Simphiwe Dana who called the president out for being a “hypocrite”.

“Please open the country so artists can work. This is hypocritical behaviour,” said Simphiwe who is one of the many people who questioned how come the ANC is allowed to have such large gatherings while everyone else is being forced to follow the stringent coronavirus protocol.

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Netizens share their thoughts on the matter

A lot of tweeps agreed with Simphiwe and joined her in bashing the ANC. Others advised her to ignore the rules and go ahead with hosting as many people as she would like. Responding to their comments she shared that she was not interested in getting arrested adding that she is not “untouchable” like certain South Africans.

@TobiasMbelu said:

“We attend events every weekend, artists are doing their thing, change your marketing team you’ll see the light.”

@protymes said:

“How can I retweet this 400 times? I don’t understand why do we still have any sort of restrictions while politicians are campaigning and taverns are operating. It’s sick.”

Earlier this year comedian Marc Lottering also appealed to the government to find a way to help struggling artists after he was approached by an industry friend who needed some money to buy food.

According to Marc, the ANC needs to do more to keep artists in business during this time. He also went on to say that the government is no better than COVID-19 that has left many livelihoods very troubled.

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