Sarah Ferguson, Harry, Meghan

Sarah, Duchess of York at the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan. Image: AFP/ Gareth Fuller.

She said what? Fergie ‘haven’t really met’ Meghan despite claims

Harry and Meghan have spoken fondly about the Duchess of York. But in a new interview, Fergie claims she’s never “really met” Meghan.

Sarah Ferguson, Harry, Meghan

Sarah, Duchess of York at the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan. Image: AFP/ Gareth Fuller.

Sarah Ferguson is reportedly not as ‘close’ with Meghan as the Duchess of Sussex might have thought. Ferguson, or Fergie as she is known, recently spoke out about their relationship in an interview, saying she ‘hasn’t really met’ Meghan.

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After the Duke and Duchess spoke about Sarah Ferguson’s warmth and openness to them, the Duchess of York, aka Fergie, reportedly denies having “really met” Meghan.

The couple mentioned Ferguson in Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” and in their Oprah Winfrey interview, saying the Duchess of York showed Meghan to curtsey to the late Queen Elizabeth ahead of their first meeting, as per MailOnline.

According to the publication, Harry and Meghan claim Ferguson has been one of the friendlier members of the royal family and recalled having drinks with her at her home in The Royal Lodge. 

In an interview with The Telegraph, the Duchess of York, however, said she ‘doesn’t know’ Meghan and “haven’t really met her.”

She did, however, per the publication, confirmed to have spoken to Meghan at the late Queen’s funeral, saying: “She looked absolutely beautiful. I think she is beautiful.” 

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Meghan recalls the moment she met the late Queen, saying:

“I didn’t know I was going to meet her until moments before. We were in the car, and we were going to the Royal Lodge for lunch, and he [Harry] was like, “Oh, my grandmother is here, she’s gonna be there after church.”.

“‘Right in front of the house we practiced and ran in. Fergie ran out and said, ‘Do you know how to curtsy?'” she recalled.

In his book, Harry said he hoped Fergie would be the first member of the family Meghan would meet as his girlfriend.

Meghan, Harry, King, corronation
Prince Harry and Meghan leave Windsor Castle in Windsor in 2018. Image: Steve Parsons | AFP.

The Duchess of York attended Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018. She would also have rubbed shoulders with them at her daughter Princess Eugenie’s wedding that same year.

Princess Eugenie is very close with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She’s recently moved into Frogmore Cottage, where the couple used to stay while in the UK.

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