Shauwn MaMkhize Mkhize Robert Marawa

MaMkhize loves dressing up. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

‘Embarrassing: SA reacts MaMkhize’s ‘cringe’ Marawa interview

‘This is unprofessional on MaMkhize’s part and really embarrassing,’ wrote one person about the Robert Marawa interview.

Shauwn MaMkhize Mkhize Robert Marawa

MaMkhize loves dressing up. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

South African businesswoman and reality TV star Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize recently sat down with seasoned sportscaster Robert Marawa to discuss her soccer team Royal AM. While many were expecting an informative interview, they were left disappointed after watching her deflect most of the questions and giggle at inappropriate times.

Short clips from the interview have been criticised by Twitter users who think she “embarrassed” herself and needs proper media training.

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MaMkhize dragged over cringe interview with Robert Marawa

Robert Marawa is well-known for doing really great sports interviews and never really disappoints when it comes to asking the burning questions.

MaMkhize found this out the hard way after sitting down with the esteemed sports presenter on his show show Marawa Sports Worldwide.

Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ Mkhize left a lot of questions unanswered on Robert Marawa’s show. Images via Instagram: @kwa_mammkhize

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During the interview, Marawa asked the millionaire businesswoman about her Royal AM team members receiving international opportunities.

He also asked about an occasion when soccer fanatic Mama Joy was not allowed into the Orlando Stadium during a match between Orlando Pirates and Royal AM.

Responding to that question, she answered:

“I don’t know. I’m not the one who didn’t allow her to the stadium.”

Every other question was answered quite elusively with lots of giggles and not many words.

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Mzansi is irritated

This seems to have irritated Twitter users who have since referred to MaMkhize as embarrassing and unprofessional.

@camagumayeye_ commented:

“why would she go on roberts show and not want to answer any of his questions.”

@Gxllxlxvx asked:

“LOL what was this interview about? I’m so confused. Why did she even go if she’s going to answer questions like this.”

While @MissLihleM wrote:

“This is unprofessional on MaMkhize’s part and really embarrassing. What kind of club president is this?”

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