Nick Cannon is ready for another baby momma. Images via Twitter: @NickCannon/@Saweetie

Serial baby maker? Nick Cannon hints at wanting Saweetie’s babies

Saweetie just hinted that she is ready to be a mother and shortly thereafter Nick Cannon – a father of seven – was offering his services!


Nick Cannon is ready for another baby momma. Images via Twitter: @NickCannon/@Saweetie

Nick Cannon has been trending on American Twitter streets all morning after he low-key suggested that he would not mind fathering US rapper Saweetie’s baby. It all started when Saweetie headed to the social media app to write that she was just about ready to be a mother.

Serial baby maker Nick Cannon hints about having Saweetie’s baby

People all across Twitter have been urging Saweetie to run for the hills after Nick Cannon responded to one of her tweets. The US artist wrote that she was so ready to be a mother and not long thereafter Nick Cannon was shooting his shot.

“I want some babies,” wrote Saweetie on Sunday 7 November.

Cannon quickly responded with a series of hilarious emojis some of which included a ninja, a raised hand a thinking face, and a laughing-out-loud emoji.

Over the last few years, Cannon has had a number of children with a number of different women some of which were born only months apart from each other. To date, he has seven children and has said that he would have more if that’s God’s plan.

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Moreso the musician turned TV host has also done a number of pregnancy shoots which has become a topic of conversation for many social media users who often joke about him fathering so many children in such a short period of time.

Fans quickly raise their red flags

After spotting the tweets many of Saweetie’s fans headed to the comment section where they advised Saweetie to stay far from the comedian. A lot of them joked about Nick Cannon and his ample baby mommas and babies. Read a few of their comments below:

@jiggyjayy2 said:

“Ok, she should now take this as a threat.”

@notbetafishes said:

“Nick Cannon is so ran through. the way I’d be taking legal action over this tweet.”

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