Lindiwe Nxumalo

SuperSport presenter Lindiwe Nxumalo announces pregnancy. Images via @lindiwenxumalo_/Instagram

‘I kept it a secret’: Lindiwe Nxumalo praises hubby amid pregnancy

Mom-to-be and SuperSport presenter Lindiwe Nxumalo has paid tribute to her husband Sibusiso Nxumalo amid her pregnancy.

Lindiwe Nxumalo

SuperSport presenter Lindiwe Nxumalo announces pregnancy. Images via @lindiwenxumalo_/Instagram

SuperSport presenter Lindiwe Nxumalo (née Dube) has penned a heartfelt tribute to her husband Sibusiso Nxumalo, revealing that she kept her pregnancy a secret from him for some weeks.

The couple got married in March last year, which was one year after they started dating. Nxumalo, who is a pilot by prodession, popped the question seven months into their relationship.

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Last week the sportscaster announced that they are expecting, saying that their unborn baby was “the greatest gift they’ve ever received”.

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Lindiwe took to her Instagram to share pictures of her pregnancy shoot, also sharing a cute pic of her hubby kissing her bump.

The soccer presenter said that she had planned to break the news to her hubby in her own time, but her symptoms were too conspicuous to ignore.

“I discovered I was pregnant a month before my husband’s birthday, I kept it a secret and planned to tell him in a few weeks.

“However, that proved to be a challenge, as my symptoms were noticeable. I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, high body temperature, heightened sense of smell amongst other things. I couldn’t hide it any longer. So I eventually broke the news two weeks earlier. His reaction was priceless (obviously, I documented that moment)” she wrote.


The expectant mom went on to thank her husband for his support during the pregnancy. From gynae appointments to ensuring she and the baby are healthy and reassuring her through her bodily changes.

“We attended every Gynae appointment together (Someone is probably thinking, he’s your husband, he’s supposed to. But the truth is everyone’s journey is different, it could be work keeping him away or other factors such as lockdown)

“He made sure I took all my vitamins, If baby and I wanted a pie first thing in the morning he would get us exactly that.

“Pregnancy is beautiful yet demanding emotionally, mentally and physically. As someone who was a size 28/30 before, learning to embrace all the changes that come with it, including stretch marks, skin tags and weight gain takes time. My husband constantly reassured me that I looked good, even when I didn’t feel pretty.

“He always kept a cushion in the car for me every time we went out… I could harp on and on about how precious it’s been watching him throughout this journey, I honestly don’t know how I would’ve done this without him by my side,” Lindiwe nxumalo wrote

Lindiwe Dube Supersport wedding
SuperSport presenter Lindiwe Dube and Sibusiso Nxumalo tied the knot on 10 March 2022. Image via Instagram @lindiwe_dube