Scott Disick pushes Kourtney K

Image via: Bang Showbiz

Scott Disick pushes Kourtney Kardashian for a decision on their future

Scott Disick urged Kourtney Kardashian to make a ‘final decision’ about their relationship so he could finally ‘move on’.

Scott Disick pushes Kourtney K

Image via: Bang Showbiz

Scott Disick urged Kourtney Kardashian to make a “final decision” about their relationship so he could finally “move on”.

The former couple – who have children Mason, 11, Penelope, eight, and six-year-old Reign together – went their separate ways in 2015 but the 37-year-old star admitted he feels jealous seeing his former flame flirt with other guys, while the Poosh founder’s sisters, Kim Kardashian West and Khloe Kardashian, teased the pair at a family dinner about getting married one day, prompting them to sit down for a serious talk about the future.

Speaking on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott admitted he found it hard seeing Kourtney date someone else and worried they’d resurface if she met a new guy.

He said: “It’s hard. It sucks. I’m OK with you doing whatever you want, if you can just make the final decision that you and I are never going to try to be a family again. Then I could move on, and I could deal with you being with other people.”


Kourtney felt a “lot of pressure” as she wasn’t expecting the subject to arise while on vacation but Scott insisted he wasn’t planning to give the 42-year-old beauty an “ultimatum” he was just tired of being left hanging.

He said: “I don’t want to give you an ultimatum and I don’t want to push you. I don’t want to make you anxious.

But you don’t say no, and you leave this door open. So I have expectations in my mind, and they don’t seem to ever get met. And I don’t want to live in limbo for the rest of my life with you.”

Kourtney agreed: “I don’t want to live in limbo either. I feel like I’m happy right now.”

Scott replied: “Well, I’m not. I love you, so it’s difficult…

“It seems like we do everything else together but the intimacy part. That we leave for other people. And then those other people just get jealous of our relationship and feel like the only thing they have is the intimacy part.”

Kourtney insisted she wasn’t ready to reunite with Scott as she felt he still hasn’t done what she’d asked him to for them to make a relationship work.

She said: “[Scott] knows what would need to happen for this to even be a possibility, and certain things haven’t happened that I’ve been very clear about.

“My answer isn’t gonna change unless his actions change. So I’m hesitant to have that conversation now.”


And Scott eventually admitted he’s coming to terms with the fact they won’t reunite.

He said: “I feel like for so many years and so long, I thought we would end up together. Now it’s getting to a point where I’m not really sure if that’s ever gonna happen again.

“I’m never going to give up my relationship with Kourtney and the co-parenting that we have. Nothing in a million years will be worth what we have.

“And I truly believe if the right person were to come along in Kourtney’s life or my life, us having children and having this amazing relationship would only be a plus to the outsider.”

Since the show was filmed, Scott is now dating Amelia Hamlin, while Kourtney has found love with Blink-182 rocker Travis Barker.