'Scandal! actor Given Stuurman as Kgosi

‘Scandal! actor Given Stuurman as Kgosi. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘Scandal!’ actor Given Stuurman threatens to end his partner’s life and commit suicide

The actor’s baby mama has issued him with a protection order. Stuurman plays the role of Kgosi on the soapie.

'Scandal! actor Given Stuurman as Kgosi

‘Scandal! actor Given Stuurman as Kgosi. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

E.tv’s Scandal! actor Given Stuurman who plays the role of Kgosi has threatened to kill his baby mama and commit suicide. 

Sunday World reported that the popular actor has threatened to kill the mother of his child and daughter and commit suicide in one of their domestic violent episodes. 

The actor’s partner has alleged that Stuurman has also threatened to kill her uncle, her dad, or anyone that tries to protect her. 


His baby mama has now obtained a protection order at the Booysens magistrate court to protect herself and their daughter from the actor. 

The publication reported that the actor tried to hit his baby mama with a phone, missed and hit a wall which led to the screen of the phone breaking. 

His baby mama didn’t want to confirm her names to protect their daughter’s identity from the public. 

Stuurman’s baby mama also alleged that he refused to give her money to repair the phone when she went to his home in August. 

He also refused for his baby mama to fetch their daughter’s toys, and clothes from his house and told her to come back alone so he can kill her. 

“I have been held aggressively, pushed around most of the time when we were in his place of residence.” 

She says Stuurman is an aggressive individual who swears and pushes her when he’s angry.

“He is always saying that if he cannot take care of his daughter, then no one else should be allowed to do so, he would rather kill himself, my daughter, and I.” 

The actor’s estranged partner also stated that he has yet to sign the protection order as his mother has told police that he’s not home every time they try to serve it to him.  

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