Samkelo Ndlovu

Samkelo Ndlovu has been accused of dodging payment to a Bolt driver.
Image via Twitter

Samkelo Ndlovu dragged for allegedly owing Bolt driver R100

A Bolt driver has accused Samkelo Ndlovu of dodging a R109 cash payment after he recently transported her to a Joburg restaurant…

Samkelo Ndlovu

Samkelo Ndlovu has been accused of dodging payment to a Bolt driver.
Image via Twitter

Not for the first time, soapie actress Samkelo Ndlovu has been accused of dodging payment to a service provider…but this time, it’s an irate Bolt driver.

According to the man, the Rhythm City actress allegedly swindled him out of R109.


According to Daily Sun, a Bolt driver has accused Samkelo of making off with R109, after a trip earlier this month.

Driver Nkosi Sithole told the publication that he recently transported the actress, her daughter, and another female from their Sandton complex to a restaurant near Montecasino.

He told the publication: “When we arrived, she was about to get out without paying when I told her it was a cash trip. She apologised, saying she thought it was a card payment trip”.

Samkelo then promised to pay the Bolt driver via a Capitec transfer on her phone. The driver obliged but claimed he was sent an invalid Cash Send voucher by the star.

According to the Bolt driver, Samkelo stopped taking his calls and even blocked him from contacting her.

When approached for comment, Samkelo told Daily Sun: “I paid the whole amount via the app. I don’t owe this guy anything”


Last year, Samkelo was accused of dodging a R12 000 fee from a DJ she had worked with.

Tweeting a screenshot of their communication in August, Lesedi the DJ claims the actress refused to settle the amount from their joint gig.

He tweeted: “The venue paid out and she used the money without telling me and now she’s avoiding my texts and calls. PLEASE SETTLE THE 12k you owe me!”.

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In one of the screenshots, Samkelo allegedly texted “I’m not paying anyone who is actively spreading defaming things about it”

But like the Bolt driver, Samkelo insisted she paid the DJ his amount due to him.

She posted in an Instagram Story: “I never owed him R12,000, he’s never cost that much in his life. Maybe in the future. It was him plus three other DJs. I’ve paid those DJs. Fully”

But the star was slammed for her condescending tone on Twitter.

One tweep shared: “I really hope Samkelo Ndlovu’s days come very soon because this is disgusting behavior. It’s an unpleasant way to show stupidity and a repulsive attitude. Which brand would want to work with such a person?”.

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